Along Komachi-dori Street, you’ll find high-class restaurants and places for shopping. Stop by some of these interesting shops while heading to Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine.

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Komachi-dori is a popular street attracting everyone from local residents to tourists. Going past the landmark of the red “torii” gate, you will find the street filled with attractive shops and cafes. You will have no trouble choosing souvenirs from the many famous local products.
小町通り, Kanagawa

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The large red torii next to Kamakura Station is a landmark

Kamakura Station is the base for touring the city, and the large red torii by the east exit of the station has a small street next to it. It is known as the shopping street of Komachi-dori. On holidays, the street is alive with waves of people right from morning.

On Komachi-dori which stretches about 360 meters straight from the large red torii that can be seen from the station, there are about 250 stores. With the ocean nearby and internationally famous tourist sites all over the place, there are not only the local residents but also many travelers visiting on the weekends to trek around the temples and to spend their free time by the sea. It is fun to leisurely stroll around while looking at the storefronts, enjoying the famous sweets of Kamakura and shopping for old handicrafts and antiques. There is a mix of long-established places frequented by the locals along with trendy shops for the young on this street, and of course, there are also restaurants, cafes, general stores and handicraft shops. Being a historical city blessed with culture from the old times, Kamakura has amassed a local cuisine, confections and handicrafts of high quality, so you will have no problems selecting souvenirs.  

Once you leave the street, you will be at Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu so dropping in on Komachi-dori before visiting the shrine is the perfect idea. There are beautiful flowers throughout the four seasons and on good days, walking up the stone steps and touring the historical buildings makes for a fine walk. In addition, returning to Kamakura Station and going out the west exit, you will reach Sagami Bay. Walking for 30 minutes from that exit, you will come across Yuigahama Beach.  

Kamakura tourism has plenty to enjoy with tours of the temples and the sea. However, even if you are hungry, souvenir hunting, or looking to take a break, Komachi-dori is the place to be. Have a great time peeking into those shops and getting that shopping done.

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