Kotohira-gu Shrine

The goal of the grand event of the “Konpira mairi” (visit to Kotohira-gu) for the commoners of the Edo Era

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A shrine that was popular among the commoners in the Edo Era who made the pilgrimage to the shrine to gain good fortune after showing penitence. There are many cultural properties along the 1368 stone steps.
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御本宮 6am-5pm 奥社 8am-5pm
892-1 Kotohiracho, Nakatado, Kagawa
(0877) 75-2121

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A shrine affectionately known as Konpira-san

Kotohira-gu Shrine is known by the locals as Konpira-san and is dedicated to the god of the sea. Known for its long sando path of stone stairs to the shrine, it takes 785 steps to the main shrine and a total of 1368 steps to the rear shrine. On the way, there are various Important Cultural Properties and other places of interest before finishing that one-way trip to the top in around 30 minutes. At the 100th step, there is Ichinozaka Torii and two Bizen guardian dogs on either side. At the 168th step, there is Tomyo-do with numerous hanging lanterns lighting your way on the sando at night. At the 351st step, there is the general office for Kotohira-gu, the Bronze Lantern and the Roumon which will inform you of the morning and evening schedules.  At Step 365, you will find the main gate, Daimon, for the holy precincts of the shrine, and from Steps 365 to 431, the Sakura-no-Banba is a highlight for the beautiful cherry trees during spring.

The place admired by many people in the Edo Era

During the Edo Era, commoners were forbidden to travel, but they were allowed on religious pilgrimages, and it is said that trips to Ise Jingu Shrine in Mie Prefecture and Kotohira-gu Shrine were events of a lifetime. There were pet dogs who also went on the trip as substitute pilgrims as they were brought from traveler to traveler. Such dogs were called Konpira Inu. At the 431st step, there is a bronze statue of a konpira inu. At the drawing room by the 477th step, the sliding door paintings are open to the public. At the Haraedo-sha Shrine by the 595th step, a god to sweep away sin and corruption is enshrined. The Asahi Shrine at Step 628 is a sight to behold for its lovely ornaments on the inside of the roof. Sakakimon Gate at Step 642 is known for one of its pillars being mistakenly posted upside down. At the Main Shrine Amulet Place of Conferment, you can obtain the Golden Charm of Happiness and the Mini-Konpira Inu. The charms are woven from silk thread dyed in ukon (turmeric), and are popular for bringing health and happiness against illness and disaster. From the observation point, you can get a panoramic view of the Sanuki Plain and Seto Ohashi Bridge.

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