Ritsurin Park

Finally completed after 100 years, this is a beautiful garden with a pond

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A garden that is said to have a different view with each step. There is a splendid natural harmony between the 6 ponds, the beauty of the 13 artificial hills, the 300 year old pines, and the flowers throughout the four seasons, against the backdrop of Mount Shiun.
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A garden of a castle lord which has earned 3 stars on the Michelin Green Guide

The castle took 100 years to complete by generations of feudal lords from the Sanuki Takamatsu clan during the Edo Era, and it was used as a villa. Currently, it has been designated nationally as a Special Place of Scenic Beauty and has received 3 stars on the Michelin Green Guide Japon for its impressive pond garden. With Mt. Shiun in the background, 6 ponds and 13 artificial hills have been skillfully arranged so that the huge 750,000㎡ garden has been said to provide a different view with each step with a beauty that resembles that of a Japanese painting. In spring, there are plum and cherry blossoms, in summer there are irises and water lilies, the maples in autumn, and the camellias in winter, along with other blossoms all throughout the year, in beautiful harmony with the leaves, stones and water.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the garden from drinking tea at a teahouse built in the Edo Era to boating

There are also various facilities within the garden. The Sanuki Folk Craft Hall has the New Folk Craft Pavilion, the Furniture Pavilion, the Tile Pavilion and the Old Folk Craft Pavilion where approximately 1000 exhibits of pottery, woodwork, lacquerware and other items used in daily are on display. At the Commerce and Industry Hall, the traditional craft products of Kagawa Prefecture are on display and on sale, and on the weekends, the production of these items are shown. The largest building within the park, Kikugetsu-tei, is a tea house that was built in the Edo Era where you can view the South Lake at your leisure while enjoying either matcha or sencha tea with some Japanese confections. Engetsukyo Bridge is the largest of 15 bridges in the park, and there the reflection of the crescent moon on the lake surface is lovely; brilliant carp can also be viewed there, too. There is feed that is sold for the fish in the park, so you can enjoy feeding the carp while taking that stroll. Also, you can experience a leisurely boating excursion around the 7,900㎡ South Lake, with the view of the garden from the boat paddled by an oarsman being exceptional. Every month on the 4th Sunday from 10:30, there is a koto recital at Kikugetsu-tei.

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5 years ago
My most favorit garden in Japan
I know that some other gardens are ranked as the prettiest in Japan, but this one became my favorite so far. I visited it in spring and fall and I loved how different it looked and felt. You have a route you can take around the garden, but be prepared: it takes like 60 minuts, because this garden is really big. But for sure I loved to get lost here. I would recommend to go to the tea house on the big pond, have a green tea before taking a walk around the house itself to discover the beautiful architecture. This park is perfect to let your soul relax while you can explore Japan.
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