Sukawa Kogen Onsen

A mountain onsen with a wild feeling and hot waters roaring through the rough rock

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An onsen with a great amount of water bubbling through the side of the mountain at 1126m. From the bare lava rock, beautiful flora sprouts up on the mountain where you can enjoy the rustically-beautiful hot spring.
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Matsurubeyama, Genbicho, Ichinoseki, Iwate  須川高原温泉
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The charm of natural waters which seem to bring the Earth’s energy right in front of your eyes

Sukawa Kogen Onsen is located on the 1627m Mt. Kurikoma as a huge onsen facility at the 1126m mark. Gushing 6000 liters of water a minute, it has one of Japan’s largest quantities of hot spring water. The most popular large open-air bath has the sky opening up overhead as a huge rock soars up in front of your eyes so that you can enjoy an onsen filled with a freedom that can only be found on a mountain. The flowing waters are 100% natural without any adjustment to the temperature through the adding of water. Soaking in the slightly hot waters, you will be able to feel the energy of the Earth through your entire body. Also taking a walk through the area is great for features such as the lava rock jutting up through the rough rock face nearby and the waters gushing from the source springs. It is from here that you can go on the trail to climb up Mt. Kurikoma. The mountain is popular with many climbers and trekkers since it is a precious place of scenic beauty with more than 150 types of high mountain plants, a primeval forest, a gorge, lakes, marshes and a plateau area.

You can enjoy a variety of baths at this onsen with a long history

Sukawa Kogen Onsen originated 1100 years ago, and 300 years ago in the Edo Era, it became popular as an onsen used for therapeutic purposes. The highly acidic waters have a cloudy bluish tinge which are said to be effective on gastrointestinal disorders, gynecological diseases and respiratory illnesses. There are many kinds of baths including a large bath, a large open-air bath, varying sizes of indoor baths, and a natural steam bath where visitors can warm up from the heat of a volcano. Also, the natural foot bath in which you can warm your feet from the warm water gushing from the source springs like a river is also popular. The accommodations include hotel-type rooms for the average tourist as well as long-stay suites where guests can cook their own healthy dishes. There is a rest facility provided for the day-trip service so that you can relax leisurely without having to stay the night. Please be aware that the onsen is closed long-term during the winter due to the snow.


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