Sekinoichi Sake Brewery

Enjoy the regional taste of sake and local beer that has garnered international acclaim

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Sekinoichi Brewery has earned influential awards not just for its sake but also for its craft beer. Along with sake tasting, there is also an adjacent restaurant serving regional cuisine so that you can enjoy a wide variety of local sake.
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Beer factory 9:30am-5:00pm Restaurant 11:00am-9:00pm
5-42, Tamuracho,Ichinoseki, Iwate
(0191) 21-1144

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Truly enjoy the food culture of Ichinoseki through regional cuisine and sake with a long history

Sekinoichi Brewery, which evokes a sense of history through its brick exterior and stone brewery buildings, is a venerable facility which has been around since the Edo Era. Traditional sake is naturally a product to be made in Ichinoseki, Iwate Prefecture which has been blessed by high-quality water and rice but it has also opened up a new world by branching out into craft beer so that visitors can enjoy a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. Inside the brewery at the sales shop’s tasting corner, you can compare the tastes of various sake. And in the adjoining restaurant, the traditional meal of the local cuisine of Ichinoseki paired with the Sekinoichi brand of sake is excellent. There is also a museum on the grounds where information on brewing is displayed.

High-quality sake brewing that is easy on the body and makes people happy is a principle

The name “Sekinoichi” has the meaning of “making the people of the world happy” and was the name granted to the brewery by Prince Kan’in Kotohito when he paid a visit. The sake was brewed for taste and quality based on that principle and was awarded a Gold Prize by the National Research Institute of Brewing. Making use of the mellow water flowing from the Kitakami and Ou Mountains and select Iwate rice without agricultural chemicals, this natural sake has not only been highly praised for its taste but also for its quality and brewing method as a product which has little chance of causing hangovers.

 Iwate-brewed craft beer which has been given a globally-regarded award

Craft beer first started to be brewed in 1995. This original beer which uses local Iwate ingredients has many varieties! The standard beer has 8 varieties ranging from a light ale to a rich stout. In addition, there are other brands such as beer which used local ingredients such as oysters and Japanese pepper, beer with seasonal flavors and the Tohoku Earthquake Recovery brand for charity. Its taste and quality have earned various awards including the internationally well-regarded World Beer Award in the UK.

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