Himeji Castle

A castle, a World Heritage Site, whose beautiful exterior creates a majestic appearance

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A valuable castle that has survived since the early Edo Era. Himeji Castle is admired as the most beautiful castle in Japan. It is famous as one of the three great castles in the nation.
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Himeji Castle, 68 Hommachi, Himeji-shi, Hyogo, 670-0012
(079 ) 285-1146

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A castle with 400 years of history as Japan’s first World Heritage site

Himeji Castle is famous for having been recognized as a National Treasure and an Important Cultural Property due to its beauty among the numerous castles in Japan and its keep (the largest central structure on the castle grounds) that has retained its appearance from the Edo Era. Having been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site, it was the first time that Japan had been given this honor. Due to its pure white exterior and the surrounding area where many wild birds resided, it was also called Shirasagi-jo (White Heron Castle). The contrast between the linked castle keep constructed from multiple roof layers and the pure white exterior is exquisite. Also, there is another reason besides its beauty which explains its status as one of the famous castles of Japan. The reason lies in its construction. In the past, a castle’s quality placed great importance on how well the demarcation of the castle grounds were constructed. Himeji Castle possessed a spiral demarcation that was unusual in Japan, and it is said that it had fortifications meant for a high castle such as Edo Castle. The castle which was known as Japan’s most beautiful underwent a major restoration from 2009 to May 2015, and the exterior walls that had been painted in white lime plaster were beautifully reborn over time. Its profile has further increased since its grand opening. By all means, please come to Himeji Castle which has been able to keep its valuable presence while many other historic structures ended up burning down in war.

There are new ways to enjoy Himeji Castle by smartphone

Within the castle grounds, the Himeji Castle Discovery App is available for smartphones and tablets to enjoy explanations and displays for the castle. It’s also recommended for foreign tourists who want to know more about the highlights.

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4 years ago
As one of the original castle left in Japan, you do feel something different in the air when you entered it. As someone who has a long interest in architecture, I can say that this is one of the most magnificent building that was ever made.
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6 years ago
The nicest castle I have ever seen
Himeji Castle is truly a work of art. Beautiful, elegant, and very white. The whole castle has English information, and a lot can be learnt here about Japanese history. You can stroll around inside numerous parts, and if you really wanted to, you could have an epic game of hide-and-seek in the castle grounds; they really are huge. I would definitely revisit Himeji Castle on my next trip to Hyogo Prefecture.
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