Sapporo Central Wholesale Market/Outer Market

The “delicious” of Hokkaido starts right here! The famous market with a lineup of the finest foods

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A Hokkaido market that is known as a treasure trove for first-rate fresh seafood such as crab, scallop and sea urchin. There are 60 shops in the Outer Market and there are also plenty of eateries to go with the sales of seafood. You can dine on some great sushi and seafood dishes.
Business Hours
Saturday ( 6:0 AM ~ 5:0 AM )
Sunday ( 6:0 AM ~ 5:0 AM )
Weekdays ( 6:0 AM ~ 5:0 AM )

There are no closing days.
Hokkaidō, Sapporo-shi, Chūō-ku, Kita 11 Jōnishi, 22 Chome
(011) 621-7044

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