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The unique exhibits showing you the animals’ natural lifestyles are sure to impress.

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The animals of Asahiyama Zoo live in exhibits that are made to mimic their natural environments. Efforts were made especially in the breeding of animals from the colder regions. And the zoo has been successful in the natural reproduction of animals such as polar bears.
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Adult: 820 YEN
Asahiyama Zoo, Kuranuma Higashiasahikawacho, Asahikawashi, Hokkaido
(0166) 36-1104

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Displays that have become famous overnight

Currently visited by over 3 million people annually, Asahikawa Zoo has naturally been popular with the Japanese but has also attracted overseas tourists. In the 1990s, annual visits had dropped to 200,000 people, but through various tactics to be able to view the animals up close and have them live in their own environments, it progressed to the point of becoming Japan’s No. 1 zoo. As a good example in recreating different regions, it is a zoo that has gotten attention from the rest of the nation also as a successful example of an autonomous business.

Get a glimpse of the animals’ natural expressions

The animal displays were changed from 1997. The thriving animals have become a must-see due to breeding methods that were completely thought out to the last letter so that the animals’ natural behavior could be seen. First off, there is Totori Village, an observable facility which was the first display to be incorporated. Originally, many birds had their wings clipped so that they couldn’t fly off but in this gigantic bird cage, the birds can freely fly about. At the very popular Penguin House, there is a tunnel in the water where you can get a 360-degree view. In winter, you can even meet the penguins as they walk through the zoo. Furthermore, Asahiyama Zoo has become famous for the successful natural reproduction of polar bears. Using a moat without any fencing, there is an open feeling of being able to view wild polar bears. If you are lucky, you might even be able to see them diving into the pool. As well, there are other popular exhibits such as the Moju House where you can get the same point of view as the animals and Orangutan House where the orangutans enjoy swinging through the air. There are wild animals which sleep throughout the day, so seeing them at night is also recommended.

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6 years ago
Lovely zoo
A very lovely zoo! They have many different kinds of animals. My personal favorites are the penguins, polar bears, and the red pandas. The food sold inside the zoo are very tasty as well. Definitely a must visit, especially if you have kids!
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