The Furano Cheese Factory

A site where you can observe the making of cheese up close

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Not only can you sightsee through a cheese factory, but there is also an area directly run by the factory which provides products such as cheese and candies. Furthermore, there is also a facility to find out about the history of cheese and workshops.
Business Hours

Apr. 1 ~ Oct. 31  9:00 am ~ 5:00pm Nov. 1 ~ Mar. 31 9:00am ~ 4:00pm [close] Dec. 31 〜 Jan. 3
Furano cheese factory, Nakagoku, Furano-shi, Hokkaido
(0167) 23-1156

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This is the must-see factory for cheese lovers

Select ingredients are chosen in the rich environment of Furano in Hokkaido Prefecture, and at The Furano Cheese Factory, the most delicious cheese is produced. Fresh milk from Furano farms is used which takes about 4 months to become cheese, and it is at this cheese factory that this process can be observed up close. The factory is surrounded by beautiful birch trees, and it’s possible to view the cheese production facility and aging rooms beyond the glass. You can also learn about the history of the cheese in the history corner. Within the learning facility, you can also sample the cheese made in the factory, so by all means try out this distinctive –tasting cheese. There is also a cheese-making workshop at The Furano Cheese Factory along with workshops to try your hand at making butter, ice cream and bread on a daily basis (prior reservations are necessary).

There are plenty of other delicious foods besides cheese

Along with the cheese factory, there are also facilities for ice milk and pizza. The ice cream is popular, using fresh milk from the farms of Furano, the cheese from the cheese factory, locally-grown pumpkins, millet and other ingredients only found in Furano. You can sample the fruit sorbet that also only uses ingredients from Furano, and at the pizza factory, you can enjoy pizza topped with cheese from The Furano Cheese Factory that was baked in an oven imported directly from Naples. Local flour is used here which goes along with the characteristic that the dishes only use ingredients from Furano. Please come to The Furano Cheese Factory where you can sample the delicious ingredients born from the great environment of the Furano area.

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