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The night view of Hakodate, earning 3 stars on the Michelin guide, has a beauty that you must see

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From Mount Hakodate, you can get a panoramic view of the city of Hakodate below. The wide Hakodate Bay and the Tsugaru Strait spread out in front of your eyes. The scenery changes with the seasons, but it is the night view that is overwhelmingly beautiful.
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[close] Please refer to the homepage since climbing trails to the top of the mountain are closed from mid-November to mid-April
Mt. Hakodate, hakodate-shi, Hokkaido

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Also enjoy the view on the ropeway

There are many ways to get up to the peak. Mt. Hakodate has an altitude of 334m, and because there are paths available to get up the mountain, you can climb up there in a little under 1 hour. For example, there are gentle walking trails. You can also try recommended routes to reach the peak while feeling the nature of Mt. Hakodate. As well, there are tour buses and a direct bus from JR Hakodate Station to the peak, but a ride to the top on the ropeway via a large gondola is wonderful. The gondola holds 125 people and gets to the top in about 3 minutes. A key point above all else is that you can enjoy the scenery of Hakodate in the distance through the glass. The 3-minute voyage through the skies will heighten your expectations of that lovely night view seen from the top of the mountain.

The view from Mt. Hakodate cannot be missed!

The night view from Mt. Hakodate has earned 3 stars from Michelin, and the world-famous view is a must-see tourist spot when you visit Hakodate. The mountain is located at the southwest point of Hakodate City so you can get a panoramic view of Hakodate Bay and the Tsugaru Strait. In the daytime, you should be able to see a lovely sight of the contrast between the surrounding sea and the blue sky. The afternoon scenery that evokes the feeling of grand Hokkaido is wonderful, but you simply cannot miss the night view that is said to be tops in the world. Getting to the peak at sunset, you can also view the changing scenery from dusk to evening when the city lights are out in view. The city of Hakodate shines like a jewel as the distinctively-shaped Hakodate Bay is rimmed with lights of the city and the lights of the fishing vessels float atop Tsugaru Strait. How about enjoying that romantic and impressive night view that cannot be seen anywhere else?

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4 years ago
Magnificent Sight!
It is a beautiful view to see.....if the weather is clear. You should know that in winter, sometimes the view would be hindered by snow. You can still ride the ropeway up, but you might not be able to see anything. In other seasons (mainly autumn), the ropeway operation might be stopped since there might be strong winds. Luckily, they provide a weather update (every 5 minutes) on their website. Do check their website beforehand!
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