Moerenuma Park

A park bringing together nature and art, as if the entire facility were a sculpture

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World famous sculptor, Isamu Noguchi, was behind the design of the park. Its beautiful landscape with its geometrical fountains and playground equipment is one of its attractions. It is a park filled with nature, always changing with the seasons.
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1-1, Higashi-ku, Sapporo
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A park to get in touch with art and nature

In spite of its location within the city of Sapporo, Hokkaido, Moerenuma Park has an atmosphere that feels as if it is in the midst of Mother Nature. Based on the Circular Green Belt concept that takes advantage of the green spaces in Sapporo, it was first opened in 2005. It was built according to the world-famous sculptor Isamu Noguchi under the concept of the whole park being one sculpture, so there are works of art everywhere in the facility. Also, there are 2600 beautiful cherry and maple trees, and visitors will be newly impressed each time they come to the park as the expressions change with the seasons which include the winter when you can enjoy cross-country skiing.

Moerenuma Park which you can enjoy in your own way

Within the huge Moerenuma Park, you can rent out bicycles from spring to fall. Taking that stroll is also great, but feeling that refreshing wind while rolling on the bikes is recommended. There are also bicycles which can fit toddlers so that the whole family can enjoy riding along. In addition, in winter, you can rent out cross-country skis and sleighs so that you can have fun in the snow.

Kids will undoubtedly have a great time!

There are 126 examples of Isamu Noguchi-designed playground equipment. They are designed so that the kids can enjoy running around them and so that their color and shape will tickle their sense of adventure and curiosity. As well, there are slides, swings, sandboxes, jungle gyms and other equipment also available. Also, the Sea Fountain whose waves appear to show the birth of life and the heavens above, and Moere Beach which is decorated with coral with the image of the seashore are among other places where children can easily have fun with water. There is no doubt that people of all ages will be drawn into the charm located within the ability to naturally and splendidly make contact with art.

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