Sandan-kyo Valley

A nationally-recognized Special Place of Scenic Beauty, the 13km canyon is one of western Japan’s unexplored regions

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The valley that resembles something out of a landscape painting has received 3 stars in France’s travel journal, The Blue Guide. The view from not only the nature trail but also from the pleasure boat is also first-rate.
Sandan-kyo, Shiwagi Akiotacho Yamagatagun, Hiroshima
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One of Japan’s 5 Famous Ravines

A 1 hour-and-15-minute bus ride from downtown Hiroshima. The ravine which cuts deep into virgin forest has precipitous cliffs which soar 40m, deep pools, waterfalls and rapids. The marvelous landscape created from the fresh greenery and clear streams continues onwards, and especially during the autumn, the large variety of trees that can only be found in this valley take on color to create a form of natural art. A mysterious atmosphere is created from the sheer cliffs and forests at the entrance, and with the emerald-green mountain torrents, so that even from the start, the region is well worth seeing.

5 great landscapes within Sandan-kyo

Along with the biggest highlight of Sandan-no-taki Falls which was behind the naming of the valley, there is Kurofuchi Pool, Mitsutaki Falls, Sarutobi Passage and Nidan-no-taki Falls to provide 5 great landscapes which are especially wonderful within Sandan-kyo Valley. There is a pleasure boat that you can board to enjoy the popular Kurofuchi Pool and Sarutobi Passage. The 20m-high rock cliffs of Sarutobi narrow down to a tight 2 meters in width so using a rope to navigate through this area provides some of that feeling of an adventure. To reach Nidan-no-taki, you must take the boat going through the passage so there is also that feeling of going into unexplored territory.

Nature trails to fit time and stamina

There are 6 courses ranging from a very short 10-minute course to the Seiko Lake course which goes all over Sandan-kyo. Recommended is the 3-hour course where you can view the biggest highlight of Sandan-no-taki Falls along with Sarutobi Passage and Nidan-no-taki Falls. There is a shuttle bus running on weekends and holidays that links the entrance with the middle area of the valley which is fine for tourists who may not have as much confidence in their stamina so that they can walk over to Sandan-no-taki and Nidan-no-taki in about 30 minutes on foot.

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