Glass Village

A theme park to appreciate ancient glass and try your hand at creating it

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Along with appreciating glass artworks of value from museums and art galleries, you can also enjoy workshops making beads and glassblowing, shopping and navigating through a mirror maze.
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Garasunosato, 2-12-55 Obayashi Asakita-ku Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima
(082) 818-0414

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A glass theme park operated by a world beads maker

About 50 minutes from Hiroshima Station by train or bus, the attractive Glass Village is made up of romantic European-style buildings and a garden. There are many highlights such as the 7.8-tonne flower clock created from approximately 2000 glass flowers and a giant obsidian which is estimated to be about 2 million years old. Within the park, there is a museum, an art gallery and workshops as well as the Glass Castle with its strange rooms and a mirror maze which the kids will enjoy. In the park shop operated directly by world-renowned TOHO Beads, there is a multitude of beads for sale which are rare items that can only be purchased here.

A museum which displays ancient glass from over 3000 years ago

In the Beads Museum, about 200 examples of native dress and ceremonial tools from all over the world are on display. Glass in the form of mirrors, accessories and other items is carefully handled as precious products from the ancient past. At the Glass Museum, there are glass works built from well over 3000 years ago as well as glass items which were used between the Edo and Showa Eras on display. The World Modern Glass Art Gallery is the place to be able to see about 30 examples of glasswork by glass artisans. You will end up admiring the beauty of this glass which can be compared to jewelry as its color and shine change with the light.

10 appealing workshop courses

What is also attractive is the many different methods in manufacturing glass such as the tiny beads being linked to each other, glassblowing through melting and then shaping glass, and sand glass on which illustrations are drawn on sand blown onto the glass. There is a varied menu of 10 courses of glass art offered in the workshops, so that you can try your hand at things such as bead accessories, glassblowing, candlemaking, kaleidoscopes, stained glass and cloisonné ware.

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