Nukui Dam

The spectacular discharge of water and the dam lake are popular highlights. The height of Nukui Dam is the 2nd-largest in Japan!

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As an arch dam, it is only second to Toyama Prefecture’s Kurobe Dam in height. Lake Ryuuki, which has been selected as one of the Top 100 Dam Lakes in Japan, is highly popular due to the scenery created from the spectacular discharge of water and each of the four seasons.
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Nukui Dam, 1956-2 Hake Akiota-cho Yamagata-gun,Hiroshima
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A dam to be enjoyed alongside nature with good access from the city of Hiroshima

Good access from the city of Hiroshima within 1 hour by car, it is the 2nd-highest arch dam in the nation at 156m. As a domestic dam, it is relatively new considering its completion in 2002. Along with an observation facility where you can see the amazing discharge of water, Nukui Dam is also very interesting for surrounding tourist spots and related events such as the beautiful and scenic dam lake and onsen facilities.

A fully-equipped observation facility where you can see the spectacular release of water at close range

The dam’s release of water takes place from mid-April to late May once on weekdays and twice on holidays. The observation tunnel is located 120m underground below the dam control room and is accessible by elevator. In the middle of the tunnel, a history of the dam facility and an explanation of the surrounding flora and fauna are introduced. There is also a place where you can touch the bedrock at the bottom of the dam so that you will want to take your time walking through the area. At the general opening of Kake Yoshimizu Park which is held in early June, the final release of water for the season takes place in tandem with the opening of this Place of Scenic Beauty in Hiroshima Prefecture. Twice annually in the spring and fall at Yoshimizu Park, the Japanese garden is open to the public for just 4 days each so that many people come and visit.

The best season is at the start of the Lake Ryuuki Festival which can be enjoyed with the fall colors

The man-made Lake Ryuuki which was created because of the dam is a major tourist spot in Hiroshima Prefecture which has been chosen as one of the Top 100 Dam Lakes. Melding into the surrounding nature, it reveals beautiful landscapes depending on the season such as the fresh greenery of spring, the leaves of autumn and the snowscapes of winter. In particular, the Lake Ryuuki Festival held during October when the fall colors are out is the most exciting time. And although there is usually no water release at this time, the dam is opened up just for this special occasion. In the plaza, there is a yatai (food stand) village, and local cuisine including the festival-only steamed manju buns can be fully enjoyed.

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