Miyajima Omotesando Arcade

Omotesando Arcade is the main street of Itsukishima Shrine and the busiest area in Miyajima with all of the tourists.

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A shopping street where you can enjoy traditional Miyajima craftsmanship and the famous Hiroshima specialties of oysters and momiji manjuu (maple buns). The area also has the world’s largest rice scoop, “O-Shakushi”. At night, the area is illuminated and quite beautiful.
Business Hours
Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

The arcade is open 24 hours a day but the opening times for each store vary [close] Varies depending on the establishment
838 Miyajimacho Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima
(0829) 44-2011

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Noontime bustle and nighttime illumination

One of the three routes heading to Itsukishima Shrine from Miyajima Pier, Miyajima Omotesando Arcade is the liveliest spot on the island. The arcade has an open-and-shut form of canvas which can be used as a sunshade during the summer and as a shelter from rain so that no matter the weather, you can enjoy your shopping. Along with the traditional Miyajima handicrafts, there are also plenty of restaurants serving fare such as oysters, conger eel and momiji manju. After sunset, although the stores have closed up, you can still enjoy a nighttime stroll since the arcade is all lit up.

O-Shakushi, Miyajima’s traditional handicraft

Right in the center of the arcade is the world’s largest rice scoop, O-Shakushi, which is 7.7m in length and 2.5t in weight, and was built in 1983 as a symbol of Miyajima as the birthplace of the rice scoop. The traditional handicrafts known as Miyajima Saiku were born not from the excellent shrine carpenters who built and maintained Itsukishima Shrine, but from the techniques of cabinetmakers who created woodwork, so they have been produced since the Edo Era. There are also many shops dealing in Miyajima Saiku whose products including candy dishes, plates and other daily goods are renowned for their ease of use.

Eating around is one way to enjoy Miyajima tourism

Some of the storefronts in the arcade have signs saying “Grilled oysters”. Grilled oysters are also a specialty of Hiroshima, and they can be sampled at a reasonable price. There are also a lot of shops where you can see them being grilled from the outside so that you can try them fresh off the grill. Also recommended is the age momiji with its distinctive taste. These momiji manjuu buns are completely deep-fried in oil and are filled with ingredients such as sweet bean paste, cheese and cream so that they come out creamy and delicious after the buns are freshly fried.

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