Mazda Museum

See the past, present and future of automobile manufacturing through displays of actual cars and a factory tour

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A facility located within the headquarters of Mazda, one of Japan’s foremost auto makers. There are displays of Mazda’s very first vehicle off the assembly line and a victorious car from the 24 Hours of Le Mans Race. The tour of the manufacturing process at the factory is especially popular.
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Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

Japanese tour:PM1:30~PM3:00 English tour:AM10:00~AM11:30 [close] Weekends, holidays and company holidays
Matsuda Museum, 3-1 Shinchi Fuchumachi Akigun Hiroshima
(082) 252-5050

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The grounds are so big that a bus is needed to go from the headquarters building to the museum

When it comes to talking about a Hiroshima corporation, there is Mazda. Especially possessing the high technical prowess in developing the rotary engine, only Mazda has been successful in its mass production in the world. Mazda also maintains Toyo Ohashi Bridge which is crossed on the way to the company. Not open to general traffic, it was the world’s largest bridge owned by one company at the time of its construction in 1965. Inside the museum beyond the entrance hall, there is a museum shop and 5 separate areas through which a regular route will provide guidance and explanation.

A full lineup from the very first car made to autos of the future

Merely looking at the actual cars on display is interesting. And there is a memorable lineup which includes the 3-wheeled truck that was the very first Mazda vehicle ever produced, the Cosmo Sports equipped with the world’s first rotary engine, the championship-winning 787B from 1991 as the Japanese entry in the 24 Hours of Le Mans Race, one of the 3 great auto races in the world, and future hydrogen-powered cars.

The popular tour of the auto making process

The U1 assembly line area is a popular area where you can observe the sight of cars being put together in front of your eyes. A number of car models are made efficiently on one line as they come out on the conveyor belt through a process known as the Integrated Scheduled Production System which includes amazing technology such as the machines to insert parts and apply adhesive. The sight of cars being made in this manner is fascinating for everyone, not just for car fans.

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