Hijiyama Park

An art park known for its cherry blossoms where you can get a panoramic view of Hiroshima and the Seto Inland Sea

Located in the city of Hiroshima as a famous site for cherry blossoms. You can get a full view of the metropolis from the top of a small hill and the art museum and manga library inside the park are places to relax.
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Hijiyama Park, Hijiyamacho Minami-ku Hiroshima-shi,Hiroshima
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An exceptional view from the observation point. Enjoy the night view as well

The park, which can be reached from Hiroshima Station by trolley in about 8 minutes, is a site that extends north and south along the 71m-high Mt. Hiji. From the 2 observation points inside the park, you can get a view of the city of Hiroshima and the Seto Inland Sea, and enjoy both the daytime and nighttime views. Also known for its cherry blossoms, approximately 1300 cherry trees go into full bloom between late March and early April, attracting many flower-viewing visitors. Aside from the art museum and the manga library in the park, there are also outdoor sculptures everywhere. Equipped as an art park, it has become a place of rest for the citizens.

Japan’s first public modern art museum

A park building which will draw your attention is the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art. Located at the top of Mt. Hiji, it first opened in 1989 as Japan’s first public modern art museum. There are approximately 1500 exhibits which were mostly created by young artists after the Second World War. Along with special exhibitions, the museum introduces various ways to enjoy the contemporary art including Artists’ Talk where you can hear the real voices of the artists, talks by the curators, and monthly workshops which are popular with the kids. Next to the shopping center beside the park, there is a 207m-long moving sidewalk and escalator known as the Hijiyama Skywalk which will connect you to the museum. Right in front of the museum is the stop for the convenient Hiroshima sightseeing bus Meipuru-pu.

A library specializing in manga, unique in the country

The Hiroshima City Manga Library which is located at the north side of the park is a unique facility specializing in manga as a public library. There are 120,000 of the latest manga magazines and the newest single volumes of manga which have become films, dramas and anime.

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