Mazda Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima

A new spacious stadium making it easier to watch baseball and enjoy the excitement

Opened in April 2009, it is the newest home field stadium of all the professional Japanese baseball teams. There are a variety of styles of seats, so everyone from kids to adults can enjoy watching baseball.
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Mazda Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima, 2-3-1 Minamikaniya Minami-ku Hiroshima-shi,Hiroshima
(082) 568-2777


A stadium that took a page out from the playbook of Major League ballparks

A 10-minute walk from Hiroshima Station, the biggest attraction for this new stadium which is a size bigger than the old Hiroshima Municipal Stadium is the fact that it promises plenty of openness and ambiance due to its flat construction. The seats have been made to conform to Major League standards of 50cm in width and 80cm in length for comfortable viewing, and the 1st-floor area behind the seats is a wide 600m-long concourse to make movement easy so that watching games can be comfortable as you navigate through the stadium and eat at the concession stands.

Even first-timers will enjoy the variety of spectating styles

Mazda Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima has new unique ways to enhance your spectator experience including field-level seats which will give you a view from the player’s perspective, tatami-style seating, lounge-style recliners which are a hit with the kids and the Bikkuri Terrace where you can enjoy a BBQ while watching the game. Also you can view a game from a slightly different perspective from the sports bar and the terrace seats with their wooden tables. The free viewing spot, Tadami Area, on the walking path outside of left field may have a slightly obscured view but you can still get that great baseball atmosphere.

Also open to the public on non-game days and the stadium tour

You can also enter Zoom-Zoom Stadium on days when there are no games being played. For instance, you can walk onto the grounds straight from the indoor concourse for free. The stadium tour is provided twice a day with 3 courses: the standard course, the backyard course and the indoor practice field course. The estimated time for the course is about 80 minutes. This is a great opportunity for even non-baseball fans to see an area which usually cannot be entered.

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