To no Hetsuri

A spectacular sight of a carved rock face millions of years in the making

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A national Natural Monument in the form of cliffs created by nature. The term “hetsuri” refers to “a dangerous cliff” in the Aizu dialect. Located within Okawa Hatori Prefectural Park, it is the No. 1 picturesque scenery on the Okawa Line.
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The harmony between steep cliffs and nature  

In Aizu County within Fukushima Prefecture, there is the interior of Okawa Hatori Prefectural Park that is a part of the beautiful gorge carved out by a huge river. Weathered and eroded repeatedly over a long time, the cliffs resemble a row of towers which begat the name of To (Tower) no Hetsuri. These steep cliffs created by nature are a unique formation that has been designated nationally as a Natural Monument. The pattern of the cross-section of the cliffs reveals its long history. You can get a close-up look at that dynamic spectacle by facing the daunting cliffs and crossing the suspension bridge. On top of that, its fusion with the nature of each of the four seasons is also something that cannot be missed. Beginning with the early summer when To no Hetsuri is enveloped in the soft colors of wisteria blooms, the season of fresh green changes into the season of bright red fall foliage which provides an astounding beauty. The cliffs are then part of the snowscapes of winter. Each of the rocks are given names such as the Wedded Rocks, so how about feeling a bit of that power of nature while expanding your imagination toward them?  

While fully enjoying the outstanding landscape, also take part in the dining and shopping

While people who want to view the big picture of To no Hetsuri is an obvious point, for those folks who want to enjoy the sight while noshing on something or buying those special Aizu souvenirs, then Hetsuri Garden is recommended. At the Beer Garden on the 2nd floor, you can view the grand To no Hetsuri while holding that mug of beer in one hand. For souvenirs, there are convenient shops where you can purchase Aizu lacquerware and Akabeko cows among other products.

Lots of must-see tourist sites in the vicinity  

Also in Shimagou Town, there is the Edo Era post station of Ouchi-juku with its row of thatched-roof residences,  Yunokami Onsen which is especially beautiful during cherry blossom season and the fall, and Kannon Numa Shinrin Park among other famous sites to be enjoyed. There is nothing but tourist sites filled with rich history and lush nature.

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