Takakura Shrine

Close to Ouchi-juku, this is a shrine within a cedar forest nestled quietly in a tranquil mountain village

Just a 15-minute walk from Ouchi-juku, Takakura Shrine is beloved as the guardian deity for the district. A member of the 12th-century Imperial family, Prince Mochihito, is enshrined there. A huge 800-year-old cedar tree with a height of 56m soars into the sky to provide a mystical presence.
高倉神社 Ouchi Yamamoto, Shimogo, Minamiaizu, Fukushima
(0241) 68-3611

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7 years ago
Tranquil Shrine nestled in nature
This shrine is a short walk from the town, nestled in a small forest. It was incredibly peaceful and well maintained. You have to climb up quite a few stairs to get here, though, so if you have problems with stairs, watch out.
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7 years ago
Most sacred shrine!
Pure silence except for the sound of water and nature. It's located in the middle of rice fields. This is it! This shrine has the most untouched and pure nature!! This is where a shrine meets nature. Must-visit-shrine-in-Japan!!
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