Aizu Samurai Residences

Learn of the rich history centering upon the samurai residence of the Saigo family, who supported the Aizu clan at the end of the Edo Era

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There are many historic buildings that give you a glimpse of the samurai lifestyle, beginning with the residence of Tanomo Saigo, a retainer of the Aizu clan in the Edo Era. There are also shops selling Aizu specialties and an interactive corner.
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Adult: 850 JPY
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Innai-1 Higashiyamamachi Ōaza Ishiyama, Aizuwakamatsu-shi, Fukushima
(0242 ) 28-2525

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This is undoubtedly the place to learn of the history behind Aizu at the end of the feudal era

The Aizu Samurai Residences is a historical theme park which has gathered valuable buildings that have been designated as Prefectural Important Cultural Properties, centering on the house of the Saigo family which supported the Aizu clan at the end of the Edo Era. The residence of the senior retainer with the characteristics of the splendid gate construction using zelkova, cypress and cedar is the Japanese and Western-styled house of Tanomo Saigo. With 38 rooms, its area measures almost 8000 square meters. From this huge house, the authority of the Saigo family back in the day was the stuff of legend. The interior of the residence has retained its furniture so you can realize what the lifestyle was like back then. Also through wax models, you can learn about the history through items such as clothing. The Aizu Historical Museum which is inside a restored kura warehouse has preserved items such as household goods, and through the historical viewpoint given by the exhibits and the tea room, you can move around the house while getting that close-up look at history. Also, the atmosphere changes completely throughout the four seasons. You can enjoy a rich atmosphere with the cherry blossoms of spring, the fresh green of summer, the foliage of autumn and the snowscapes of winter.

Encounter the culture of Aizu

At Aizu Samurai Residences, there is an interactive corner where you can encounter the culture of Aizu at any time. At the corner, you can enjoy ceramic paintings of Akabeko cows and daruma dolls as souvenirs as well as try your hand at Japanese archery. In addition, at the shop Goukoubou Kokon which deals in goods such as the traditional crafts of Aizu, Aizu lacquerware and other goods created by artisans with their heart and soul are available.

Also enjoy seasonal events

There are also a variety of events on tap throughout the year from which you can also get an even deeper insight into the history and culture of Aizu. There is the spring cherry blossom festival where over 100 cherry trees go into full bloom within the grounds, the Kuyoutei Beer Festival in summer, the autumn Chrysanthemum Festival with its 800 mums, the winter mochitsuki (rice cake-pounding) competition and other events throughout the seasons that are characteristic of Japan and Aizu.

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8 years ago
Great samurai house
I learned a lot from this samurai house, such as how they bathed, how they examined their poop, how their kids played, how all the girls wore kimono all the time. Great study! I feel smart!
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