The area where the Byakkotai (White Tiger Force) of teenage warriors died fighting for Aizu

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During the war at the end of the shogunate system in the 19th century, the Byakkotai was formed to protect the Aizu region and consisted of 16 and 17-year-old boys. It was in this famous area of Iimoriyama that they tragically killed themselves. The graves of those boys and a gift from the city of Rome in the form of a stone monument are among the features which can be seen here.
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7 years ago
Depressing but interesting historical place
The area has a rather depressing history, where a group of teenage warriors committed suicide. Still, it was an interesting stop on our trip and I learned a lot from the plaques.
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7 years ago
Nice historical spot
In general, I don't usually like graveyards. But this one has nice atmosphere and helped me to learn more about history, I got a bit sad after that...
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