Abukuma-do Cave

The inside of this mysterious limestone cave is brimming full of valuable stalactites

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Enjoy the natural artistic formations that took 80 million years to be created. It takes 40 minutes to tour this cave that has the greatest number and types of stalactites in East Asia.
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Higashikamayama-1 Takinemachi Sugaya Tamura-shi, Fukushima
(0247) 78-2125

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A limestone cave with a total length of 600m

Abukuma-do Cave is a limestone cave that was first discovered in 1969 from the current remains of the Kamayama Quarry. The observation route within the cave is about 600m long but when including the routes that are not open to the public, the total distance amounts to about 3300m. This makes for the 11th-longest distance in Japan. Inside the cave, numerous stalactites formed over 80 million years of repeated erosion from underground water can be observed. This is a popular tourist spot where you can enjoy a strange and mystical view of the world.

Observe stalactites through the walking course

As you walk along the 40-minute observation course, you can fully enjoy the precious stalactites. View sights such as the Ghost Tower where ghost faces can be seen in the ever-changing area, the Silver Frost which evokes a scene of frost-covered trees, the huge stalagmites and small icicle rocks on the side that make up the Christmas Tree, the Mushroom Rock covered in flowstone, the precious Crystal Garden with its rocky patterns that can be seen if you look closely, the ring-shaped Cave Shield, and the White Porcelain Falls that resembles a flowing waterfall. Also, there are the 13m-high Dragon Palace and the Takine Palace which goes to the maximum height of the cave at 29m.

Irimizu Limestone Cave

Near Abukuma-do Cave, there is Irimizu Limestone Cave. Nationally designated as a Natural Monument, it has a total length of 900m and is divided into 3 courses. Course A is 30 minutes, Course B is 60 minutes and Course C is 90 minutes with their varying lengths. You proceed through knee-high water in a narrow and dark space, and sometimes you will have to crawl on all fours. Irimizu, when compared to Abukuma-do Cave, has the characteristic of being more of an underground adventure.

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