Hanami Yama Park

A park that is covered in pink in the spring when flowers like cherries and plums come into bloom

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Hanami Yama Park was a privately owned flower farm that has been opened to the public as a park. The famous photographer Shotaro Akiyama visited annually in the years before his death, and seeing the landscape covered in blossoms, he remarked that there was actually an Eden in Fukushima.
Hanamiyama Park, Fukushima-ken, Fukushima-shi
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A park always enveloped in flowers

Hanami Yama Park, which is located in Fukushima City, was a privately-owned horticulture farm, but it is currently open to the public for free, and especially during O-hanami (flower viewing) season, it is crowded with tourists. The farms surrounding the park also take part in horticulture, so the entire area can be observed to be rich in flowers and plants. Standing on the Plain with its communities, there are hills encircling the area and flowers blossoming everywhere, so during O-hanami season, it feels as if you are standing in the middle of a dome of flowers. One characteristic of Hanami Yama Park is the opportunity to view a beautiful landscape of flowers and plants all throughout the year. Also, the united scene of the park and the mountain of flowers that is born from the contrast with the plants in the surrounding horticultural farms is something to behold.

Spring is the peak time for its beauty

Hanami Yama Park is lovely whenever you visit. However, the best time to see it is during O-hanami season when the place is overflowing with blossoms. The park is filled with the blossoms of 18-20 types of spring flowers. There is a breathtaking beauty in the sight of being enveloped in the reds and pinks of plum, peach and Yoshino cherry blossoms. The scene of spring that begat the quote of “There is an Eden in Fukushima” is the time in which Hanami Yama Park is at its most brilliant. Naturally, though, you can enjoy a variety of flowers in other seasons too, with winter being the peak time for Japanese allspice and camellia.

The volunteer guides, expert in the flora of Hanami Yama

For visitors who really want to know about Hanami Yama Park, make use of the Fukushima Flower Guides who are the volunteer guides of Hanami Yama. There are over 140 guides and during the spring at the tourist information office in front of the park, in front of the Abe Residence, halfway up the hill known for the field of forsythia and at the summit of the park, there are 2-3 guides at each site to help you. The people there are guides who have been professionally recognized by the city and are well versed in the park’s flowers. You will get even further enjoyment viewing the flowers at Hanami Yama Park.

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