Kasumi-ga-jo Castle (Nihonmatsu Castle)

The remains of a castle where you can enjoy not only the cherry blossoms and the autumn foliage, but also the wisterias and the hydrangeas

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Kasumi-ga-jo Castle, also known as Nihonmatsu Castle, has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 Great Castles. It is a castle built on a hill and has been nationally designated as a Historic Location. The remains of the castle have been made into a resting spot for tourists as the Kasumi-ga-jo Park.
Kasumigajo Park 福島県二本松市郭内4丁目
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Beautiful castle ruins that have come to be preserved through multiple restorations

The ruins of Kasumi-ga-jo are structures that have a variety of attractions. The Minowa tower gate that had been made from a sacred tree on a mountain in Minowa Village within the current Nihonmatsu City was burned down during the events of the Bonin War, but was restored in 1982. Also, there are historically significant structures such as a statue of the Nihonmatsu Youth Corps who had given their lives during the Bonin War, and the national Historic Site of the Kaisekimei inscription stone with its guiding principles for shogunate administrative reform that tell of the history of Nihonmatsu Castle. Furthermore, Senshintei, which has been designated by the city as a Tangible Cultural Property, is one of the surviving tea houses within the castle that was broken down, rebuilt and then transferred to its current location. There is also Niwa Shrine which is dedicated to generations of feudal lords belonging to the Niwa clan, and a monument honoring the soldiers at a site that had been used for rifle training right up until the Bonin War. Then, the remains of the honmaru (inner citadel), which are designated nationally as a Historic Site as part of the Nihonmatsu Castle ruins, were beautifully created in detail through the work of an excellent group of masons. Afterwards, the descendants of those masons came to restore the structures which have retained their original beauty. As well, remains of stone walls whose design and scars showed how important it was to protect the castle in battle and monuments dedicated to the historic figures can also be seen.

A castle park that not only has cherry blossoms but also a rich amount of nature

The ruins of Nihonmatsu Castle are also known as a prime site for cherry blossoms. Spring is especially recommended since the area is surrounded with blossoms within the park. Also, lovely flowers such as wisteria, iris, and hydrangea bloom all throughout the year. The fall colors are also a sight to see, so please feel free to take that stroll through lush nature in the park. Waterfalls are also located in various places so that a visit will always be calming.

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