Shiraito Falls

A relaxing region to enjoy the great outdoors with many visitors searching for some refreshing coolness

Along with the beautiful waterfall, this is a famous place of scenic beauty with 300-year-old maple trees and 100,000 hydrangeas. It’s a family-friendly spot with activities such as fishing and somen nagashi.
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A famous place of scenic beauty with water flowing beautifully like white threads at a height of 24m

Shiraito Falls, which is located in the southern part of Itoshima City at the 530m mark of Mt. Hagane, is a famous place of scenic beauty whose waters flow like white thread over the rock face. It can be accessed from downtown Fukuoka City by car in 1 hour or on foot from the Shiraito Falls bus stop in 20 minutes. A dynamic waterfall with a drop of 24m, the falling water which kicks up a pure white mist is incredible. Around the waterfall, there are 3 naturally-growing Banryu maple trees which are said to be around 300 years old that have been prefecturally designated as natural monuments. Between late June and early August, 100,000 brilliant hydrangeas bloom everywhere, and on the final Sunday of June, the Hydrangea Festival is held. Many families come and visit between May and November. The water is so clean that it is said that Asiatic salamanders inhabit the clear streams, and in the surrounding area of the waterfall, there is an all-year teahouse, a water wheel, an observation point and a fishing moat for Yamame trout, all as part of the Shiraito Falls Fureai-no-Sato area.

Summer is the time for trout fishing and somen nagashi

From around May and into the summer, Yamame trout swim downstream and they can be fished with rental rods. At a store, you can buy salt-grilled trout, and at the teahouse, you can savor the Yamame course which includes sashimi and other examples of cuisine featuring the trout. In addition, you can enjoy the summer activity of somen nagashi which involves eating somen noodles as they flow down water-filled bamboo stems, as well as try some popular and superb ice cream which uses the premium milk of Itoshima, Ito Monogatari. In summer, this is the place where many tourists visit to find some coolness.

Popular shaved ice shops and temples in the area

Some 10 minutes away from Shiraito Falls by car is the shaved ice shop, Murakami-ya Honpo Shirayuki, which always has a lineup forming outside. The big hit is the Shirayuki (White Snow) with its finely-shaved fluffy ice that resembles thread. Also, you will want to make that extra effort to head for Raizan Sennyo-ji Daihioin Temple which is famous for its wooden standing statue of Kannon. It is about 20 minutes away from the falls by car.

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