Hakata-za Theater

Come to this spectacular theater that is the largest performance hall in Kyushu!

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A theater that is designed to provide service down to the finest details. Popular programs that are changed monthly are presented, and before the performance, genuine kaiseki cuisine and box lunches are served.
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Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

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2-1 Shimokawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
(092) 263-5555

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A splendid theater that is the largest in Kyushu

Much-talked about plays, kabuki, musicals and other projects are shown on a monthly basis at one of Kyushu’s foremost theaters that has 3 floors of seating boasting a total capacity of 1500 for which advance tickets are sold online. The huge 20m x 21m stage can handle plays of any genre with many stage settings, and when there is a kabuki performance, the elevated passageway known as a hanamichi extends from the left side of the stage (as seen from the audience) and through the seats, and there are wires and hooks for performers to fly over the audience. The theater is also designed so that part of the 1st-floor seating can be slid under to provide an orchestra pit for musicals and concerts. Hakata-za really wants to impress you with its luxurious seating and performance-friendly design.

An array of services and cuisine to enhance your enjoyment at the theater

There is a multitude of services at Hakata-za, including a service for storage of large luggage at the entrance and free lockers. There are free rentals of hearing aids, lap blankets and seat cushions along with rentals of opera glasses for a fee. Also, during kabuki performances, English-language pamphlets with a description of the historical background, cast of characters and a story outline is provided. There is also a restaurant serving genuine kaiseki cuisine using seasonal ingredients which can be reserved in advance before the performance. Box lunches that are available before performances and during intermissions can be eaten at your seat. Since these lunches are popular, they tend to sell out quickly so purchasing them before the performance begins is suggested. There are also a café and a gift shop selling Hakata-za’s original confections, souvenirs and special goods specific to the performance.

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