Yokokan Garden

An Edo Era manor built on the waterfront with a tranquil garden that is a place of scenic beauty

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The villa of the reigning Matsudaira clan of Fukui that was built in the Edo Era has been nationally designated as a Place of Scenic Beauty. The waterfront scenery created from water drawn out of the moat of Fukui Castle and the houses built in the sukiyazukuri style bring forth a truly rare scene.
Business Hours

9am〜7pm *The garden closes at 5pm between November 6th and the last day of February Closed: December 28th to January 4th
Adult: 210 YEN
Children: 0 YEN

A joint ticket with the Fukui City History Museum: 340 yen
3-11 Hoei, Fukui
(0776) 20-5367

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