Makuhari Messe

A gigantic event space for all weather, and one of the premier venues of its type in Japan.

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Makuhari Messe, a huge convention center located in the new city center of Makuhari, is crammed with major events. It is one of the leading event spaces in Japan, attracting many visitors.
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Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

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幕張メッセ,2-1 Nakase , Mihama-ku Chiba-shi, Chiba
(043) 296-0001

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From domestic/international cutting-edge technological exhibitions to concerts

As Japan’s very first fully integrated air-conditioned convention center, Makuhari Messe has held numerous major events to announce international and cutting-edge technologies such as the Tokyo Motor Show, Semicon Japan (an international exhibition for semiconductor equipment and materials), and the Tokyo Game Show. The center has also been used to hold sports competitions and concerts such as the one for the globally popular band One Direction. Between its opening in 1989 to 2006, it topped 100 million in the total number of visitors.

Various facilities chosen to match the events

On its 220,000 sq. meter area, Makuhari Messe consists of 4 main buildings: an event hall, an international conference center and 2 international exhibition buildings. The exhibition buildings are flexible in their design with movable partitioning that can change the size of the space in response to important exhibitions. Also, the event hall has fixed and movable seating so that large-scale sports and concert events can be held there, and there are facilities that can be supplied for competitions such as basketball and tennis courts so that Makuhari Messe can provide for various events.

Makuhari Messe and the new city center of Makuhari

Makuhari Messe in the new city center of Makuhari in Chiba Prefecture can be reached in about 30 minutes from Tokyo by train. The area was first developed in the late 1970s under the concept of a futuristic international city combining “work, live, learn and play”, with commercial facilities such as shopping centers and movie theaters, office areas with Japanese and overseas companies, and high-level educational facilities such as universities and schools. There are also many hotels to accommodate visitors to the events. Very close to Tokyo, the increasingly popular Makuhari has been highly rated for its fine convenience and living environment.

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9 years ago
Great venue but not the best location
I have visited Makuhari Messe on countless occasions, and have always found the events to be well organised, catering to English speakers, and generally quite entertaining shows and exhibitions. The only downside of Makuhari Messe is the location. It takes a long time by train, and is a good ten minute walk from the train station at a brisk pace. Luckily, the venue often provide free and regular shuttle bus service when an event is taking place, so you can at least shave ten minutes off the otherwise long travel time from Tokyo.
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