10 Must-Go Shopping Destinations in Shibuya, Tokyo

Shopping malls, shopping streets, crowded intersection bring you an image of the bustling streets of Tokyo in general but Shibuya, is perhaps the perfect representation of that. What makes Shibuya different? Today, Planetyze would list you the 10 most popular places for going shopping in Shibuya: 1. Shibuya109, 2. Shibuya Hikarie, 3. Shibuya Parco, 4. Tokyu Hands, 5. Don Quijote, 6. Shibuya Loft, 7. Shibuya Mark City, 8. Disney Store, 9. Tower Records, 10. Seibu

It would be a waste to come to Tokyo and not take a walk across the famous Shibuya crossing outside Shibuya Station. Sunny or rainy days, early afternoons or late evenings, the area is jammed with buyers and sellers, travelers, students, and commuters, from love couples to young adolescent students. Traffic lights at this crowded areas often last for more than one minutes. They are consistent at every intersection. Traffic stops completely and pedestrians surge into the intersection from all sides like bees flying out from their hive. The chaos seems to be organized in that one minute.

1. Shibuya109

Shibuya 109 shopping mall, nicknamed ‘maru-kyu’ called by the locals, lies at the heart of Shibuya’s fashion culture, is a fashion mecca for young women. The fashion mall is 10-story, filled with the hottest and latest trends for female fashion.  its reputation serves as a place to shop for cute and unusual Japanese fashion. With their unusual makeup, dyed blond hair, fake tan, miniskirts, etc., the Shibuya ‘gyarus’ attracts tourists and shoppers with their cutting-edge Japanese style.

Shoes: The first basement level spans for a good variety of fancy fashionable footwear. Esperanza XYZ is the store displaying the shoes by size so you don’t need to worry if your foot size isn’t in stock. (Japanese size 24.5cm, approximately a U.K. 6, U.S. 7, or European 39).

Clothes: The second floor sells bohemian style fashion which can be enjoyable to browse through. Four, five and six floors have a wide range of more unusual clothes.  

*Note: A frustrating thing  is that most of the clothes in Shibuya 109 are only available in one size. Fitting rooms seem to be small or just a curtain at the back of the shop, so be sure to ask shop assistants if you want to try something on.

Costumes: The basement level is the Sadistic Action, and the fourth floor is the T-Spook x Party City. Both shops hold a variety of high-quality costumes for every season.

Accessories: Shibuya 109 is a haven for unusual accessories.  The second floor is the hair clips and alice bands in Sarah Zodiaque. For colorful socks and tights, head to Doll Kiss on the third floor of which the Doll Kiss shops. If you’re a girl that loves diamantes and bling, don’t miss Ruby Rose on the sixth floor, where you can buy bejeweled phone cases and character accessories.

2. Shibuya Hikarie

Hikarie, a 34-floor skyscraper, can be accessed directly from the exit of Shibuya Station. The building operates in a large department store, ShinQs which occupies the first 8 floors of Hikari.

The department store primarily serves two floors of food in the basement and women's fashions and cosmetics for young women aged 20-30. Above the department store are floors which cater for restaurants, conference rooms, small sized museums, one large hall and government offices.

Floors 11-16 are occupied by a theatre called Tokyo Theatre Orb that holds most popular western kinds of music.

Hikarie is architecturally unique in that the shopping, event space and office sections of the building are visible from the outside with its theatre floors bulging out in the middle. Standing from one of the high floors of Hikarie, tourists would enjoy the splendid view of Shibuya.

The building is connected to Shibuya JR train station by overhead walkway. Hikarie is a multi-purpose building that equipped with a department store, city hall offices, museum of puppets, artists workshops, movie theater, a vast conference hall, two levels of restaurants.

*Note: This is a high-end facility. Prices are higher than other places...

Hikarie also has a huge car park using car elevators. The service is very expensive but there are ways to get better prices through the hotels nearby. Parking car for under 24 hours would cost 15,000 yen but it was part of the REI hotel parking so you can prepay at the hotel 2,500 yen.


  • Shops 10:00 – 21:00
  • Cafes and restaurants 11:00 – 23:00


3. Shibuya Parco

Parco is also a department store that has a wide variety of services. There are many shops that have services for foreign customers, so you won’t be feeling insecure if you don’t speak English.

Collaborative products and pop culture: Every time you visit Parco in Shibuya, you will find something new and creatively fascinating because it caters many shops that in collaboration with artists or characters for a limited period of time. The 6th floor of Shibuya PARCO is ‘Shibupop’ where you can experience Japanese pop culture. It is filled with so many appealing pop items. If you are an anime fan, you can stay the entire day and never be bored, such as the One Piece Mugiwara Store.

4. Tokyu Hands

If you are considerate on prices and also qualities, Tokyu Hands should be on your shop list. It has an amazing selection, services, and prices. Just 7 minutes walk from Hachiko Exit of Shibuya Station, then you will be lost in the heaven of shopping. The floors are "half-floors" and color coded. Tokyu Hands, a 7-floor building, catering diversion of products, such as fine kitchen gadgets.It’s a place to go if you are fond of souvenirs. With the lovely decorations and brilliant collections. There's also a very affordable cafe/restaurant at the top.  

*Note: Not as great as the Tokyu Hands in other Tokyo locations. The elevators of Shibuya Tokyo hands might be hard to get in if you are with a baby and a stroller. The building itself was a little run down.  Might be sparse display.  

5. Don Quijote

It is said to be a ‘must-stop-by’ 24/7 store. Many tourists find Don Quijote is one of the most inexpensive and diverse shops you'll find in Tokyo and it should be on your travel itinerary. The shop features an amazing mixture of everyday items and random brilliance. It's one of the cheapest places in Tokyo that you'll find alcohol, such as a Double Black for $19.90. It's also the home of a multitude of beauty products, discount shoes, cheap toys, wacky character onesies (popular here before the current onesie boom) and so much more. It's a great place with an awesome selection. You will find the shop may be full of shoppers but also still feel private; not noisy, not so narrow and packed, and easy to shop, friendly staff, and fast payment.

Access: To get there from the station venture across the infamous Shibuya crossing towards the towering Shibuya 109 building. Walk past the building along the right-hand side and you will see Don Quijote at the top of the hill. You may want to look for the bright colors and cute characters of its name.

6. Shibuya Loft

With stunning and colorful gear outside the building, Shibuya Loft attracts the tourists to go there for shopping every day. The department spans even floors and stocking goods such as health products, stationery watches and accessories, homewares, interiors, and various goods. Coming right into the first floor is the seasonal display. Special events such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day get a showing here, as do items which will give you a Japanese cultural taste. Goods on display in summer include Japanese fans and cotton towels, while in winter you can find items for the New Year such as the customary New Year money envelopes.

Tel: +81-3-3462-3807

Address: 21-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0042

Opening Hours:10:00-21:00

2F Shibuya City Lounge: 11:00-23:00 (last order 22:00)

7. Shibuya Mark City

If you are a food lover, Mark City in Shibuya is a great selection for you. This is a multi-level shopping and dining place right on the Shibuya JR Station area. The East building is the hotel and the West building is the office.

Access: From Keio Inokashira Line of Shibuya Station: the Central Exit is directly connected to the East Mall 2F. The Avenue Exit is directly connected to the Restaurant Avenue 4F. The West Exit is directly connected to the West Mall 1F. By bus: Shibuya Mark City Bus Stop: 91, 9. (Limousine Bus, Express Bus)

Contact: Tokyu Bus Shibuya Information Desk telephone: +81-(0)3-3476-8018

Hours: Weekdays and Saturdays: 9:00 a.m. ~ 8:00 p.m., Sundays and national holidays: 9:00 a.m. ~ 6:00 p.m.

8. Disney Store

Right in Shibuya, there is a miniature version of the Disneyland castle that leads you into a whole new world. It’s Disney store! Go to the Mickey-shaped door, you will see all range of Disney products that you can imagine.

There are some exclusive items that you cannot find anywhere outside Japan. You also may want to stop by goodies, soft toys, and Tsum Tsum. Besides fairy tales and princesses of all kinds, Marvel and Star Wars franchises are also spotlight recently takeover the situations. Moreover, if you are fond of cuteness or in Japanese, Kawaii addicts, you definitely don’t want to miss those Disney stores.

9. Tower Records

A three-minute walk from Shibuya Station, you will see the brand logo of red and yellow that can be seen from a quite far distance.  The store in Shibuya is considered to be one of the biggest CD retail outlet stores in the world. It occupies nine floors worth of CDs and books. There is also an excellent foreign book section on the seventh floor. This floor contains an outstanding selection of books and magazines covering a wide range of topics in both English and Japanese. On the second floor, you will find Tower Records Café, a place where you can enjoy a meal while reading your latest purchase, or simply order a takeaway coffee to enjoy while browsing the shop.

10. Seibu

Seibu is one of the biggest departments that also has a branch in Ikebukuro. The Shibuya store is split into two buildings, Annexes A and B, which face each other across the street. Annex A sells mainly womenswear; Annex B menswear, children’s clothes and accessories. The tax-exemption counter is on the M2 (mezzanine) floor of Annex A. Seibu also runs retailers Loft and Movida, both of which are within an easy walking distance of the store. Aimed at a young crowd, Loft sells interior decorations and various knick-knacks, while Movida houses top-end fashion store Via Bus Stop.

*Note: This is a high-end facility. Prices are higher than other places...

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