Japanese Restaurants

Sushi restaurants

When talking about Japanese foods you need to talk about Sushi. Sushi which is sushi vinegar rice with different toppings, most well known of these is uncooked fish such as Tuna, Salmon, Crab or Squid, but other ingredients such as vegetables, fruits or meats are used as well. Lately there has been a rice of different sushi shops serving all kinds of different ingredients for example hamburger stake on top of the rice or even between the rice. Sushi restaurants are all over Japan and the costs at the restaurant are around all price ranges. Also, there are lot of different kind of sushi restaurants. Quick take out sushi, conveyer sushi where you order the sushi or take it from a converter belt and of course high-class sushi restaurants where you can see the chef making your sushi.

In sushi Restaurants you'll often find sashimi as well. Many people confuse sushi and sashimi for the same thing, but they aredifferent things. Sashimi is fresh uncooked fish. Some people might mix it up with Sushi, but where sushi is fish or other ingredients on top of rice, sashimi is served by itself if it is with rice, the rice is separately on another plate. In Sashimi also raw meat might be used instead of fish. Because unlike in sushi, in sashimi the meat is eaten by itself, giving the fish or meat even more fresh of a taste.

Yakiniku restaurants

Yakiniku restaurants are type of restaurants where you have grill usually in middle of the table where you cook bite sized orders of a different kinds of meat, vegetables and seafood. Yakiniku originates from the Korean style bbq but has taken more of a Japanese style take of it. At the restaurants you do the grilling yourself, having different kinds of sauces to dip your meat on to it once it is ready. Once stepping inside to a Yakiniku restaurant, you can start and smell the scents of the different ingredients being grilled around the restaurant it really gets the hunger going. Yakiniku is a very social kind of food experience as well


Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki

Shabu shabu and Sukiyaki are Japanese style hotpots with meats that are usually in thin slices, vegetables and sometimes different noodles, these ingredients are then slowly boiled or shimmered in a pot that’s at the table then the cooked ingredients are taken to small plates from the pot and eaten, once your plate is empty you fill it with more food, but it is eaten together with other people so be sure not to be the person who hogs all of the meats. The differences of Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki come from how they are boiled, sukiyaki is usually boiled/shimmered with water, soy sauce, sugar and mirin where Shabu Shabu is boiled just in water and after the ingredients are ready you can dip them in different sauces that you have at the table. These are very social foods just like Yakiniku.

Often in you will find Korean restaurants in Japan as well

There are a lot of Korean restaurants in Japan. A Seoul Olympic Games in 1988 is when the relations of Korea and Japan started to get closer. Korean dishes in Japan are a little bit different, they are not as spicy as they are in Korea. And there's some gaps in manners at tables. For example, Korean rice bowls are made of steel, chopsticks are also steel and put on the table straight from you to the opposite person. Japanese rice bowls were originally born in China, chopsticks are wooden and put left to right. Korean keep the rice bowl on the table when you eat, and Japanese hold it in their hands while eating.

So, these are some of the popular types of restaurants you will find in Japan, but not the only ones, there are also the Ramen shops, Okonomiyaki restaurants, and much more. 

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