“East side represent!”

9 years ago  /  by Alex
If you've done any research into Japan or Tokyo. You have probably seen a photo of a giant red temple with a giant red gate. Yeah that's here. Its even cooler up close! Asakusa is one of my favorite areas. I have spent more time here than any other area in Tokyo. If you wander away from the temple, the prices are much cheaper than say, Shibuya. Of course, around the temple area, things are well...tourist prices. I find the people here much friendlier than other people in Tokyo. Perhaps seeing so many foreigners on a daily basis has an effect on the people here. They are much more welcoming and open to conversation than people on the west side (Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ebisu, etc). All in all, this is a great area. Check out the temple (Senso-ji), get your fortune told at said temple. Grab some Tempura and chill out. Asakusa moves at its own pace.