“My new home ”

9 years ago  /  by Lamar
What can I not say that's good about this place. I'm currently on my 3 month stay here and this place has been wonderful. There are many great places to venture off too. They have an amazing looking temple, Asakusa shrine with many little shops to give you that little Japan taste of snacks from all over. The locals are very friendly as well as the many foreigners that you will come across, all there for the same reason you are. The view of Tokyo Skytree is great for dates, some say go in the day I say go at night because you get to see the the bright awaking night of Asakusa. It is pretty expensive though. There are many other places to commute to that have nearby trains that is easy to navigate around. Western and Japanese foods will leave you full. If you ever decide to come to Tokyo stay at Khaosan World guest house. (PLUG) friendly staff and a great place to make some new international friends.