“Too trendy for my wallet”

7 years ago  /  by Alex
Omotesando is expensive. Lets start with that. Nestled next (within walking distance) to Harajuku is its big sister Omotesando, who caters for a slightly older crowd, who generally has more money than they know what to do with. While not all of Omotesando is expensive, it caters for those with money. There are many high end brand-name stores in Omotesando, where all the stars (apparently) pick up the latest look. Even if this is not quite your scene (Like me) Omotesando has plenty of quality coffee shops hidden in its alleyways. Prices may be slightly higher than other places, but it makes up for this fact with quality. I personally recommend "Omotesando Koffee" Oh yeah. Once again, bring money!