Cup Noodles Museum

Learn the secrets behind Cup Noodles at this interactive museum where you can see, touch, make, and eat!

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The concept of the Cup Noodles Museum is "creative thinking". At this interactive museum dedicated to the inventor of Cup Noodles, Momofuku Ando, try making some original noodles of your own.
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Adult: 500 JPY
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There is a separate cost for attractions.
2-3-4 Shinko, Naka-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
(045) 345-0918

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A popular museum that has become a landmark in Minato Mirai 21  

Cup Noodles, which has become a fixture in the world’s supermarkets now, was born in 1971 and is still fresh today. The inventor behind Cup Noodles and the man who made a successful business out of it, Momofuku Ando, faced the concept of food throughout his life, and through plenty of inventiveness and honest effort brought about a revolution in food culture.  

The Cup Noodles Museum located by the Yokohama waterfront was built in commemoration of the 100th birthday of Ando, and since its opening in 2011, it has become a landmark in the Minato Mirai 21 area as a popular museum.

Creative Thinking is the concept behind the museum. The museum has been planned so that a visitor can comprehend the world of noodles that was expanded upon by Momofuku through the various exhibits as well as the psychology behind the importance of being creative and the venture. At the museum, there is a mockup of Momofuku’s work shed which was originally built during the poverty-stricken postwar era. Also, exhibits including the changes in the noodles handled by Momofuku and an autobiographical anime are displayed with a new worldview that has a pop art sensibility.

For those who are very curious, you can try out your own noodle making. At the Chicken Ramen Factory, you can make your own chicken ramen, the product that Momofuku first invented (reservations and fee required). In addition, at the My Cup Noodles Factory, you can produce your own Cup Noodles from your choice of flavors and toppings (there is a fee and prior reservations are possible). The Cup Noodles Museum is an interactive museum for people of all ages to enjoy where you can see, touch, make and eat.

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5 years ago
Interactive Museum
This museum is fun for both adults and children! You can also get a discount using the ticket of your first visit for your next visit. A great place!
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5 years ago
Very fun day out
The Cup noodle museum from Nissin has been on the list of many of my classmates here in Japan when going to Yokohama. And it was definitely worth it, the museum is very modern and interactive and brings you the history of the cup noodle in a very interesting and different way. Because the museum is so interactive and (with an additional 500 yen I think) you can make your own cup noodles, the museum is a perfect day out together with children! Though I myself as a 24-year-old really enjoyed it too. Just remember, making your own cup noodles is a must!!
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7 years ago
Noodles in a cup
Try your hand at making your very own cup noodle from a combination of 5460 flavours. Don't get confused by the name, as this isn't a museum about the history of noodles in a cup, but for a particular brand of noodles in a cup called 'Cup Noodle', made by a company called Nissin. It is perhaps more fun for children, as there are special areas for them to play, and some of the hands-on attractions area a little basic and don't really appeal to adults. But, it is good to design your own Cup Noodle artwork, before choosing your recipe. A nice little souvenir in the form of noodles in a cup.
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