Lake Yamanakako

The largest of the Fuji Five Lakes. It is a highland resort with an “onsen”, leisure facilities, and a picturesque view.

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Lake Yamanaka is the largest lake of the Fuji Five Lakes and closest to Mount Fuji. Naturally, people come to enjoy the beauty of Mount Fuji. But, it is also a resort area attracting 4 million people annually for leisure, “onsen”, flower fields, and other various events.
Yamanakako Village Office, 237-1 Yamanaka Yamanakakomura Minamitsurugun, Yamanashi
(0555) 62-1111

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A tourist destination with plenty of lovely scenery, leisure facilities and other attractions

The lakeshore is divided into 4 wide zones (Yamanaka, Asahioka, Hirano, Nagaike), each with its own characteristics to enjoy places like the waterfront, views of Mt. Fuji and resort facilities. In Hirano Zone, there is the Lake Yamanaka Panorama which is well-known for its view. In addition to the lake and Mt. Fuji, you can even view the Southern Alps on good weather days. The scenery of Japanese pampas grass in the autumn is also suggested. Launching from Asahioka Bus Terminal is the amphibious bus KABA. After driving through the lakeshore woods, it heads straight for the beach and into the water with a splash! It’s a dynamic entry into the lake that even gets cheers from grown-ups.

Relax in the surrounding park and onsen

There are onsen in the Lake Yamanaka area where there are many spots where you can view Mt. Fuji from the open-air bath. Along with the ryokan and resort hotels, you will also want to take advantage of the day-trip onsen facilities. The 300,000㎡ Hana-no-Miyako Park changes color seasonally with flower fields on a 1000m highland containing tulips, sunflowers, cosmos, and etc. which can be enjoyed throughout the seasons for a superb view against the backdrop of Mt. Fuji.

Plenty of winter events as well

From late November to early January, Hana-no-Miyako Park is lit up at night. Fireworks are even launched every Saturday so that the starry sky takes on a magical atmosphere. The phenomenon known as Diamond Fuji when the sun sets behind the peak of Mt. Fuji can be seen throughout the winter, and the first half of February has been set aside as Diamond Fuji Weeks during which there are several days that the effect can be especially seen when the weather has become relatively stable. Also during this period, the entire area is lit up with homemade ice candles with fireworks going up after sunset.

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