Sakana Park

A park making use of the springs of Mt. Fuji bringing together an aquarium and a museum

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A park with the theme of water and woods. Inside the park, you can enjoy 2 facilities at once with the Mori-no-Gakushukan where you learn about nature and the Fujiyusui-no-Sato Aquarium specializing in freshwater fish.
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The park: AM9:00~PM5:00 Fujiyusui-no-Sato Aquarium: AM9:00~PM6:00 Mori-no-Gakushukan: AM9:00~PM5:00 [close] Dec. 28-Jan. 1. There are no closures between July 21 and August 31.
さかな公園, Oshino Yamanashi
(0555) 84-3717

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A park where you can easily approach the water

Sakana (Fish) Park is located about a kilometer away from Oshino Hakkai (The Springs of Mt. Fuji). With the 2 facilities of Mori-no-Gakushukan (Learning Center of the Woods) and Fujiyusui-no-Sato (Fuji Spring Village) Aquarium inside the park, there are a variety of ways to enjoy yourself. As well, there are features such as ponds, a river and a small waterfall surrounding a grassy park and the other facilities so that the entire area is a place where you can easily approach the water.

Fujiyusui-no-Sato Aquarium with its impressive clear waters

Fujiyusui-no-Sato is an aquarium specializing in freshwater fish which utilizes the spring water of Mt. Fuji. The secret to its popularity is how it exhibits its fish. A donut-shaped double-ringed fish tank is located in the center of the aquarium. The outer ring has the larger fish including rare species such as Sakhalin Taimen salmon and rainbow trout while the inner ring contains smaller fish, all displayed so that you wonder whether they are all swimming together. Separated by one pane of glass, there is a side-view tank where you can get a peek inside the pond located outside of the aquarium in which 300 fish from 20 species including grass carp and sturgeon of over 1m in length swim about. The sight of groups of about 8000 ayu sweetfish seen in the early summer is incredible.


Mori-no-Gakushukan is a museum where you can learn about the relationship between Man and the forest. The octagonal interior where you can sense the warmth of wood has light coming in from the skylight to provide a relaxing space. Along with the information display corner, there is a learning corner, a library and an interactive corner where everyone from children to adults can learn about the growth of life through the woods. At the Sakana interactive corner, you can try things such as handicrafts using paper and clay.

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