Fuji Visitor Center

Know everything about Mt. Fuji. A tourist information center with multilingual service.

A facility where you can learn about the nature, culture and climbing of Mt. Fuji. Free of charge to enter, it is the only permanent facility providing information on the World Heritage site of Mt. Fuji.
Business Hours

Apr. 1 - Jun. 30  8:30am~5:00pm Jul. 1 - Jul. 15  8:30am~6:00pm Jul. 16 - Aug. 26 8:30am~7:00pm Aug. 27 - Sep. 30 8:30am~6:00pm Oct. 1 - Mar. 31 8:30am~5:00pm [Close] South hall: Every fourth Tuesday North hall: Open everyday
6663-1 Funatsu, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi
(0555) 72-0259


A facility where you can learn about Mt. Fuji

At the Culture Corner, episodes and historical accounts concerning Mt. Fuji are displayed such as “Taketori Monogatari” and “Fugaku Hyakkei”. With a press of a button, you can easily view videos regarding the guardian deities of Mt. Fuji such as “The Legend of Konohanasakuya-hime” and “A Comparison Between Mt. Haku of the Sea of Japan and Mt. Fuji”. You can enjoyably and easily understand the videos and narration to the stories that would be difficult to relate only in print.

At the Nature Corner, the history of Mt. Fuji and the Fuji Five Lakes along with the indigenous wildlife, distribution of plant life and the regional environment are introduced via CG. There is deep interest in the changing appearance of the flora on Mt. Fuji as the altitude changes and the little-known information about the changing weather depending on the location and form of umbrella clouds affecting the mountain.

At the Climbing Corner, you can see the essential information and history on climbing Mt. Fuji. The oldest climber to have ever reached the peak, the very first person to have successfully climbed to the top along with other notable figures are introduced and you can have plenty of fun there without having any plans to climb the mountain.

Experience the wonders of Mt. Fuji

Aside from the exhibit rooms, there is the amazing 12-screen multi-video that has been called the eyes of the visitor center. Located at the 1st-floor entrance, footage of the volcanic history of Mt. Fuji, nature and culture runs for 10 minutes. On the 2nd-floor observation deck, you can see the splendor of the mountain spread out in front of your eyes. It is only here at this permanent facility where you can see and learn all about Mt. Fuji. Designated as a “Visit Japan” information office by the Japan National Tourist Organization, service is also given in English, Chinese and Korean so that even foreign visitors can get a deep understanding. You will definitely want to drop by when touring Mt. Fuji and the surrounding vicinity.

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