Kurobe Gorge Railway

A 20 km trip on a trolley train through the picturesque gorge

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Ride the trolley trains that were once used for transporting materials for the construction of Kurobe Dam. Experience the wonderful natural landscape of Kurobe Gorge on the cute trolley trains.
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Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

Please refer to the time schedule on the official website [close] Closed between December 1st and April 27th
Unazuki station, Toyama prefecture
(0765) 62-1014

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The trolleys that run through the remote area of Kurobe Gorge

Kurobe Gorge, which is located within Chubu Sangaku National Park, has been eroded into a deep V-shape by the actions of the Kurobe River that flows between the Tateyama Mountains and the Ushiro Tateyama Mountains, and the landscape that has been created from the incline is lovely. Across the overhead bridge that spans the deep valley run the trolley trains. Called the “Kurotetsu”, this is the Kurobe Gorge Railway that has amassed many train fans. The 80-minute ride starts from Unazuki Station and travels for 20km to Keyakidaira Station, and although it is a short run, you can enjoy a grand panorama expanding out in front of your eyes in the middle of remote nature that has remained unchanged.

Choose from 3 types of trains

There are 3 types of passenger trains. Aside from the regular train, you can also board the special passenger train or the Relax passenger train for an added fare. There are no windows on the roofed regular trolley trains, but there is a dynamic openness which you can enjoy. During colder times, the special passenger train is recommended. It is ideal for staving off the winds and cold since there are windows on board. If you are looking for even more space to relax in, there is the Relax passenger train. With rows of 3 seats, you can leisurely enjoy the view out of the windows.

The charming atmosphere and activities at every station

At the starting station of Unazuki, the area is also famous as an onsen village while at Kuronagi Station, there are dynamic cliffs and an observation point where you can see perpetual snow. Then, there is Kanetsuri Station which is famous for the open-air hot spring known as Kawara Onsen and finally there is the terminus of Keyakidaira where a visitor’s center is located and is ideal for leisure with various trekking courses and many onsen. The aforementioned Kawahara Onsen and Keyakidaira Station’s Babadani Onsen are popular for allowing bathers to create their own onsen by digging through the river bed so that hot water springs up.

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