Yoyogi Park

After shopping in cute and poppy Harajuku, relax in Yoyogi Park.

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An urban park that has been loved for years as a daily resting area for Tokyo citizens which holds concerts and many events. If you’re tired of the city’s hustle and bustle, take a break in this huge park.
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Saturday ( 12:0 AM ~ 12:0 AM )
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Weekdays ( 12:0 AM ~ 12:0 AM )
Yoyogi Park 2-1 Yoyogikamizonochō Shibuya, Tokyo
(03) 3485-4090

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Taking it easy just like a Tokyoite  

Since Yoyogi Park is close to Harajuku Station, getting there after a round of shopping is simple. Take a break there once your shopping in Harajuku is done. You can take it easy just like a resident of Tokyo by walking among the trees or lying down on the fields of grass. It is the perfect park after feeling the everyday of the metropolis.  

Yoyogi Park was once the parade grounds for the Imperial army, and then following World War II, it was used as the US military barracks known as Washington Heights. At the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, a part of the park was used as the Olympic Village, and then in 1967, it was opened as Yoyogi Park.

The 54-hectare park which is the 5th-largest in the city is divided into an A Zone which is a central park with fountains and a forest walking path, and a B Zone with a soccer pitch, an athletic field, a concert stage, sports facilities and an event hall. Entry is free so anyone is able to enter.

There is a wide grass field within the central park with its fountains, and on a good day, it’s great to just bask in the sun all day without needing to do anything or take that stroll among the trees and feel nature. There is a bird sanctuary where you can view wild birds that can only be found in Japan. And then at the cycling center, you can rent out bicycles and spend a wonderful time riding around the cycling course in the park.

Yoyogi Park is also famous for holding various events. On the weekends, the park is bustling with a wide range of activities such as seasonal events, flea markets, antique markets, art and dance performances, and music.

At the park, there is the Oedo Antique Market which is generally held once a month, so for those people who are interested in Japanese antiques, have a look for those bargains. However, since the schedule is not fixed, don’t forget to check out the homepage often. Oedo Antique Market Homepage (English)

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6 years ago
a perfect stop to relax.
This park is free, yet is still beautiful and very well-maintained. A perfect stop to relax after a day of shopping at Harajuku. Festivals are often held here.
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7 years ago
Yo, take it easy
The Yoyogi park is located near Harajuku and Meiji Jingu shrine and it is the perfect place to go to relax after a hard shopping day or after walking and sightseeing the shrine. There are always locals enjoying their time at Yoyogi and you can usually find some Rockabilly dancers giving a show near the entrance to the park. If you forgot to buy some food to take with you to the park, there are some food vendors near the park selling snacks and drinks.
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7 years ago
Relaxing time!
Yoyogi park is great to relax, have a picnic, exercise and depending on the season do Hanami( flower viewing ), have matsuri(traditional festival) food, see the autumn leaves fall. Its a great place to hang with family, children and friends. There are always interesting people dancing, playing music and some people that bring their unusual pets for a stroll!
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9 years ago
Sunday Funday
Everyone is there on a Sunday. Just minutes away from Harajuku's Takeshita street. The Elvis guys come on Sunday, the girls doing the idol dances are there. Sometimes there are food trucks. The magician is there doings tricks with a monkey. People are all having fun. But giant crows the look like ravens are staring at you. It's a pretty big place so easy to get lost in. No wifi. This place is fun when everyone is outside during spring and summer.
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9 years ago
Nice free park, good for relaxing or excerise
Yoyogi Park is a good choice, and probably the most visited park in Tokyo. Due to its close proximity to Meiji Shrine, Harajuku, and Shibuya, it acts as a good central location and often features events in the nearby art space. A visit to Yoyogi Park on a Sunday morning, and you will see numerous (hundreds) of people jogging, dancing, or doing aerobics; and on a Sunday afternoon, a festival will most likely be taking place nearby. A good park, good size, very good.
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