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Take a behind-the-scenes look at television production at Studio Park in Shibuya.

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At the Japanese national broadcaster’s NHK Studio Park, you can find out about the production studio for TV programs. You can look at live broadcasts and encounter popular characters.
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2-2-1 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
(03) 3485-8034

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What is NHK Studio Park?

At the end of the shopping street on the gentle slope in Shibuya, there is the headquarters of the national television broadcaster, NHK. NHK. Studio Park which is located at one corner of the station is a facility where you can witness studio recording that you wouldn’t normally be able to see, see post-recording of animation, try your hand at being a newscaster and see exhibitions of popular characters from TV among other things. It is a facility where you can enjoy and learn about the work at a broadcaster and the secrets behind a popular TV series.

Find out about the secrets of a popular TV show

There are many famous works and popular characters that have been born at NHK such as educational programs for children, hit serial dramas, costume dramas and cartoons. At Studio Park, there are plenty of things that can’t be missed by the fans such as exhibits of costumes and small items, photographs and introductions of various episodes of old and new shows. Also, you can take a look through items such as the many types of cameras used in the documentaries, so it’s also great to really feel their performance.

Experience working at a TV station

The most popular attractions are the interactive booths. At the Animation Factory, you can try out post-recording to some animation video and learn about the setup behind the production of a cartoon. At the Creative Lab, try matching up music with video and work with sound effects (prior reservations are necessary at the studio on that day). Then, there is the Studio Park News where you can become the most popular newscaster. Find out the tricks of the trade when you try out things such as how to read the news when facing the camera. Then, when it’s time to record an actual TV program, you can also sightsee the place where the program is recorded. When you know about the ins and outs of television production, your enjoyment of programs will surely increase by several times.

Enjoy kids’ attractions as a whole family

You can freely have fun in a space resembling a set of a children’s show. Also, there are events and workshops held where kids can play and dance with popular characters. It’s a fun facility which you enjoy together as a whole family. At the souvenir shop, there are plenty of goods sold of toys, stuffed dolls and stationery of those popular characters which you cannot get anywhere else.

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9 years ago
Amazing place to learn about broadcasting
Inside NHK Studio Park, I see everything from props and set locations, the history of NHK, quiz machines to test my knowledge of NHK, a machine that lets me be a nature cameraman, and my favourite activity, a mock up television studio. At the mock up studio I am seated at a news desk and instructed to look at the camera. Next, I take part in a fake weather broadcast. I stand behind a Tokyo skyline and point at things which are projected onto a large television screen. It is all very exciting. The other thing I get to see here is a live broadcast. Beyond a large glass screen NHK are broadcasting a television show called, “Studio Park Kara Konnichiwa.” It is a live chat show. There are two hosts, a guest, a producer and four cameramen. I watch for a while, standing what is probably fifteen feet from the host, before eventually realising I can’t understand a word of what is being said. Leaving the NHK media theme park, a statue of Domo-kun waves me goodbye. Domo-kun has been the broadcasters mascot since 1998, and is described as ‘a strange creature that hatched from an egg’. Goodbye Domo-kun!
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