Tokyo Ramen Street

A ramen battle site with famous ramen shops all in a row

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Ramen can be said to be the national dish of Japan. Compare the different types of ramen at very popular restaurants at Tokyo Station with easy access from the station itself.
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東京ラーメンストリート marunouchi 1-9-1, Chiyoda, Tokyo
(03) 3210-0077

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Popular ramen amassing at Tokyo Station!

 In 2009, the arrival of 4 ramen restaurants under the concept of “The first restaurants I want to eat at in Tokyo” was the origin for Tokyo Ramen Street. Even now, there is a long lineup for Rokurinsha which symbolizes the tsukemen of Tokyo. In 2011, there were 4 new restaurants including the famous Ikaruga, and then in 2013, there was Tokyo Tanmen Tonari, Sendai Gyutan Negishio Ramen Kizou, and Tonkotsu Ramen Oreshiki Jun, followed by Soranoiro NIPPON and Ikaruga’s new brand of Tokyo Chuka Soba Chiyogami joining the street in 2015. The good location of Tokyo Station’s Yaesu underground entrance means that reaching Tokyo Ramen Street has become easy for those commuters coming through by train, bus or Bullet Train, and so in no time, the battle site for ramen in Tokyo has progressed. Foreign tourists have also been seen in great numbers so the street has become the recommended spot for ramen fans to easily enjoy the flavor at these famous shops. Many of these places are open from either 10am or noon but the very popular Rokurinsha is open from 7am so it’s possible to enjoy tsukemen in the morning. A variety of ramen has now come together ranging from the trendy ramen with a new sensation to the old favorites.

The fine location of Ramen Street to even enjoy dessert

 After filling your stomach and soul on delicious ramen, you can enjoy shopping and sweets at Tokyo Station’s Ichibangai. There is Tokyo Okashi Land with stores selling the candies of Japan such as Glico and Calbee, and at GRANSTA which is located in the area linking Yaesu and Marunouchi, there are over 50 establishments selling household dishes, bento box lunches and sweets by famous patissiers. If you have the room, why not enjoy some dessert after that bowl of ramen?

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