Todoroki Valley

The only natural valley within the 23 wards of Tokyo. Take a walk through the natural forest to forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

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A natural valley where you can enjoy a walk for up to 2 hours. The ease of it being in the city is a strong point. It’s also great to take a walk after a meal at one of the many restaurants nearby.
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Todoroki Ravine Park, Setagaya, Tokyo

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A paradise of natural water, woods and animals within a city

When it comes to nature within the city with the many man-made gardens and parks, Todoroki Valley is that one rare place in Tokyo that has retained its natural appearance. This valley is the only one of its type within the 23 wards of the metropolis. The 1960s were a time of decreasing water levels and pollution fears, but a local preservation society took passionate action, and the valley received recognition as a Tokyo Place of Scenic Beauty. As the surrounding area proceeded to attract more residents, Todoroki Valley has kept its natural woods and springs as a habitat for many wild birds, and the entire valley has become a wildlife sanctuary. Fish such as sweetfish and loach have also been confirmed to live in the river. The valley has continued to survive as an urban paradise raising the various forms of wildlife there.

A walking path where you can easily appreciate nature

There is a 1km walking path along the banks of the Yazawa River which flows through Todoroki Valley. Of course, the fresh green leaves are splendid from early summer, but there are also the plums and cherries of spring, the red maple leaves during autumn and various other sceneries throughout the four seasons which can be enjoyed. During the 1km walk, there are bridges here and there, spring water and brooklets, and the sound of waterfalls to be enjoyed while strolling through. Also, there is an ancient burial mound presumed to have been built before the Nara Era (8th century), the Todoroki version of the image of the guardian deity of Acala which was established at around the Heian Era (after the 9th century), and other examples of ancient history which give the valley a spiritual quality. Since it is a walking course that can last up to 2 hours, it’s just right for a day to relax and encounter nature while in the city. There are also many popular restaurants and cafes nearby, so it’s wonderful to enjoy that walk through nature after lunch or teatime.

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