Yebisu Garden Place

12 million visitors a year. Yebisu Garden Place has risen from the remains of a factory to become a sophisticated complex

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While evoking nostalgia from its brick exterior, it has an urban atmosphere. It’s an open space with lots of greenery where you can spend a luxurious time tasting beer that is the pride of Japan.
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Weekdays ( 11:0 AM ~ 8:0 PM )
恵比寿ガーデンプレイス,shibuya-ku tokyo
(03) 5423-7111

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Yebisu Garden Place originated from a beer brewery

Yebisu Garden Place was born on the site of the former Sapporo Breweries. It is a multipurpose complex with a department store, a hotel, restaurants, movie theaters, a museum of art, etc. Yebisu beer is a premium beer with 100% malt developed by Sapporo Beer. Started over 100 years ago, it won the Gold Prize for excellence at the 3rd National Industrial Exhibition in 1890. After that, it brought so much influence that the area was called Ebisu.

The beautiful brick exterior is a remnant of the taste of what a brewery was like back in those days. There are events all year round in the Plaza. In particular, the Baccarat chandelier that appears every winter is a gorgeous event in itself. Along with the nighttime illumination, there is a magical atmosphere.

A three-star restaurant

For epicureans, you have to try “Joel Robuchon” once. This is a French restaurant that has continued to be awarded three stars since the commemorable first issue of “Michelin Guide Tokyo 2008”, the first restaurant in Asia to do so. The cuisine and hospitality are naturally the world’s No. 1.

Yebisu Memorial Hall

The final stop on the stroll is Yebisu Memorial Hall. A museum that is independently run by a beer brand is unusual even in Japan, but that name is derived from one of The Seven Gods of Fortune, Ebisu. Behind the hall, there is Ebisu Shrine which is popular with foreign visitors. The Yebisu tour that relates the history of Yebisu Beer has 2 types of beer tasting for 500 yen. A brand communicator will teach you how to drink beer deliciously. We would definitely like you to try the taste that has been loved for an unchanging 120 years.

It is one of those rare places where you can take your time without worry within a balance of city and nature.

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