Suginami Animation Museum

A museum where you can learn and experience about anime, an art form that is enjoyed across generations

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The first facility in Japan when it comes to getting a general understanding of the world of anime. Through interactive exhibits and special exhibitions, you can learn about and enjoy Japanese anime.
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杉並アニメーションミュージアム,Tokyo, Suginami, Kamiogi, 3−29−5 区立杉並会館
(03) 3396-1510

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A museum where you can also consider about the future of anime

Anime culture continues to be of interest in the world. Currently, the anime industry is progressing into a huge industry that has had many tourists visiting due to their interest in anime. At the Suginami Animation Museum, there are stories about the pioneers who plowed away on the anime path despite the poverty in the shadow of the hugely successful anime world, and the unforgotten memories of their achievements. This is a museum for anime fans created from a love for anime with anime presentations, special exhibitions, talks with animators, and seminars on anime works. Even while relating the joy of anime, the museum is also a place to spend time considering about where anime is going to head. The 3rd floor introduces the history of anime and the production environment through panels, videos and interactive exhibits. You can also try your hand at being a voice actor through recording. The 3rd floor mezzanine has special exhibitions and an anime theater, with a workshop space on the 4th floor. Guests who are bringing babies can have access to the breast-feeding room.

Plenty of special exhibitions that you can enjoy free of charge

Selected anime can be enjoyed through various angles in the special exhibitions. There are anime exhibits featuring items such as character panel displays, their mechanical settings and background scenery, displays of sold anime goods, and video displays of anime opening credits, and there is even a photo area where you can get that commemorative shot. Anime screening events are also held, so please check the homepage. Even if you don’t know the selected anime, there are plenty of displays so even those new to anime can enjoy themselves. Visitors can even try putting together an anime at the workshop. As well, there are special limited workshops held.

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