Odakyu Romance Car

A popular special express train you will enjoy for the view from the windows and the “ekiben” lunch box sold at the stations.

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The Odakyu Romance Car is a special express train of the Odakyu Railways company. Enjoy your train trip with the view through the large windows from your observation deck seats and the café space.
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小田急電鉄 新宿駅,1-1-3 Nishishinjuku Shinjuku, Tokyo
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The popular special express which continues to attracts fans for its distinct trains

The special express train operated by Odakyu Railways is known as the Odakyu Romance Car. There are various runs including the Super Hakone (Shinjuku-Hakone Yumoto), the Sagami (Shinjuku-Odawara), Asagiri (Shinjuku-Gotemba), Enoshima (Shinjuku-Katase Enoshima), Metro Hakone (Kita Senju-Hakone Yumoto via Tokyo Metro’s Chiyoda Line) and Metro Sagami (Kita Senju-Hon Atsugi). One way to enjoy the train is realizing that depending on the operating section, the train model will differ.

The observation deck seats as the symbol of the Romance Car which you will want to experience at least once

The observation deck seats were first installed on the Odakyu Romance Car in 1963. Since then, the seats have been adored as a symbol of the Romance Car. The trains that do have the observation deck seats are the two models of the VSE 5000 and LSE 7000 which run between Shinjuku and Hakone. The special feature on the VSE 5000 is that the observation deck seats afford a front view from huge windows without any window frames. Since there is also a seat pitch of 1150mm, the seats are attractive for their relaxing comfort. The deck seats on the LSE 7000 which was the first of the Romance Cars to install them are charming for their nostalgic feel. Since the seats on both trains are popular, it’s recommended that early reservations be made.


The true pleasure of having meals and snacks on board while viewing through the flowing windows

Except for one section, meals and drinks are sold via wagon service and at the counter on the Odakyu Romance Car. On the VSE 5000 trains used for the Super Hakone and Hakone runs between Shinjuku and Hakone, there is a café corner on the train. The fine service is an established custom which includes serving drinks not in paper cups but in glasses with an original design. There is also the service of your Romance Car attendants taking your orders while seated and bringing them straight to your seats. The menu provides treats to the eyes and tongue such as box lunches in the shape of the Romance Car and dishes made in collaboration with venerable restaurants in Tokyo. However, please note that food and drink service is not provided on any of the Asagiri, Sagami and Homeway runs, along with some of the Enoshima and Hakone runs.

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6 years ago
A pleasant ride
I rode this last year. It was a pleasant ride! I still don't really understand why it is called the romance car....but I guess it's because we passed what could pass as "romantic sceneries" !
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