Roppongi Hills

An example of an urban multipurpose complex, Roppongi Hills has plenty of services for people to enjoy with their children.

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Roppongi Hills is now the face of Roppongi. It is a place connected directly to subway stations where you can enjoy an entire day with family and children.
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Saturday ( 11:0 AM ~ 9:0 PM )
Sunday ( 11:0 AM ~ 9:0 PM )
Weekdays ( 11:0 AM ~ 9:0 PM )
Roppongi Hills, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(03) 6406-6000

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Meet here for anything from the observation deck to movies and a hotel

Half of the complex is open space. Along with a garden and outdoor space, there is the observation deck, a museum of art, movie theaters, shopping, a hotel and every other sort of facility.

The Sky Deck of Tokyo City View at the top of Roppongi Hills has plenty of that feeling of openness. The air up there feels exhilarating! Every fourth Friday, there is a meeting of the Roppongi Astronomy Society. On New Year’s Day, there is a raffle to see the first sunrise of the year. In the Japanese-style Mohri Garden at Roppongi Hills, there is a waterfall, rivers & streams, cherry and gingko trees around a pond in a huge area measuring 4300 sq. meters. You can feel the scenery for each season even within the middle of a metropolis. Even before the development of this area, people took walks in the spring while looking up at the cherry trees permanently rooted here. At the northern part, there is a photo spot on the northern promenade where you can see Tokyo Tower beyond the cherry trees.

Plenty of events for the family

Within the New Year’s holiday events, there is an old-fashioned Japanese amusement corner and workshops held for the entire family. There are plenty of family-friendly events such as flea markets and a handicraft market. Also, there are many facilities for meals, shopping and services for people bringing small children along.

There is a free-of-charge rest space and a nursery naturally with baby carriage rentals, and every Thursday, Toho Cinemas shows movies for only people bringing babies. At the Mori Art Museum, there is an art appreciation tour, “Art Baby Carriage Tour for Parents and Children” held on an indeterminate schedule. We would love you to come and visit a place that has been the catalyst for the evolution of Roppongi.

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9 years ago
A little on the expensive side
Roppongi Hills, an area rich with overpriced apartments, five star hotels, and expensive shops selling ‘luxury’ goods. Things people don’t really need. Valuable bowls that are merely display pieces, candles costing over ¥10000 each, and sofas with price tags equivalent to the average annual salary in Japan. Outside the shops there is a makeshift courtyard and a giant spider. This bronze statue of a spider was made by French artist, Louise Bourgeois, and is one of the largest sculptures of a spider in the world. Many people are here taking photographs or posing beneath her egg sac. I snap a quick shot, before heading up an escalator that leads into a cinema.
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