Get a taste of the extraordinary in Roppongi, an urban artistic area.

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Roppongi had the image of a nighttime entertainment district for adults, but recently it has changed into a modern area. It has become a place to show Tokyo’s latest art in museums of art that have increased their number one by one.
Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo
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Notable museums of art on Embassy Row

The embassies of every nation dot the surrounding area of Roppongi and there are many stores for foreigners. In the neighborhood, there are also plenty of notable art galleries. Let us introduce three of them with some special characteristics.

Mori Art Museum

Located on the 53rd floor of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. With an eye toward art from Japan and the rest of Asia, it’s a museum focused on modernity and internationality. Exhibitions of the world’s artists under the theme of contemporary art are held. Open until 10 p.m., audio guides are free for rental. You can get a taste of an extraordinary space high up in a skyscraper. Admission is sold as a set with entry into the Roppongi Hills observation deck.

The National Art Center

This is a new kind of art gallery which doesn’t possess a collection. The largest exhibition space in the country provides a wide space, almost unimaginable in the middle of a city. The exhibition details and the methods behind them are also planned out so that you want to visit the center as many times as possible. At the underground museum shop, there are many handcrafted goods which are very Japanesque with refined taste. No worries about rain since it is directly connected to Nogizaka Station and you can put your belongings into coin-returnable lockers. There is also a café and restaurant so you can spend a high-quality day. To avoid the crowds, purchase your tickets online and visit during noon on weekdays.

Suntory Museum of Art

Located within Tokyo Midtown. The theme is “beauty”. Exhibits with the basic theme of beauty in life are represented by about 3000 examples of paintings, lacquer work, pottery, glass, and dyeing, etc. from the Heian to Edo Eras. Everywhere inside the museum, wood and Japanese paper are lavishly used so the space overflows with natural warmth expressing modern Japan. Open until 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Please check out the various discount services related to the museum.

Discount services at the museums of art

At the three museums of art in “Art Triangle Roppongi” (Mori Art Museum, The National Art Center, Suntory Museum of Art), when you present a ticket stub from an exhibition at one museum, you will get an admission discount at the other two museums through “ATRo Saving” (only for exhibitions) and there is an “ATRo Map” which provides art information. The “Museum Link Pass” for the Mori Art Museum (Tokyo), the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art (Ishikawa Prefecture) and Benesse Art Site Naoshima (Kagawa Prefecture) is freely available as a passport-sized booklet. When the date of entry into the first museum is stamped into the pass, entry into the other two museums is possible at a discount. The “Grutt Pass” is a ticket booklet that provides admission and discounts at the 78 different art galleries and museums within the city. A one-day pass for public transportation via Tokyo Metro and the Toei Subway is included in a set which costs 2800 yen. The Mori Art Museum and The National Art Center are within the Roppongi area.

Roppongi has Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Midtown and plenty of dining establishments all around. Please visit this rejuvenated area.

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7 years ago
For sure roppongi got its got sides, but those didn't reach me at all. I didn't feel like in Japan anymore and didn't really like it much. But that's just my opinion. Someone who prefers traditional or rural Japan.
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8 years ago
Famous for nightlife, but dirty and expensive!!!
Lot's of people are going to Roppongi for clubbing and drinking. I would not recommend it. First of all it is very very expensive and you can get more for your money somewhere else... Then Roppongi is a dirty place too, compared to other districts in Tokyo. On the other side, you are able to visit the Tokyo Tower through Roppongi station very quickly, which is a great sightseeing spot! Furthermore, I heard that there should be many museums too in Roppongi. Some of them are impressive architecture buildings.
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8 years ago
Is this Japan? Where am I?
Roppongi is known as the "Foreigner district" within Tokyo. You can find all sorts of western food around here, along with lots of kebab joints. Daytime is alright. Things feel normal, safe. When night falls Roppongi turns "Seedy" for lack of a better word. I went here with the intention to go clubbing once. I quickly changed that idea. The streets are dirty (For Japan) and full of touts trying to pull you into their ripoff bar or strip joint (Which will also apparently rip you off). It does not feel like Japan. I have been to a few bars here are they are okaaaaay. But nothing special. But if being in the company of 30 drunken expats is your idea of fun, then maybe Roppongi will suit your tastes a bit better. Perhaps I need to explore Roppongi more. But perhaps I don't really want to. PS. If anyone tries to get/drag you into their bar/club, its probably awful and you're in for a bad time.
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8 years ago
If you like to dance then come here. At night this is one of the cheaper clubs depending on the music you like. With this place there is also some good places to eat although I have only eaten at cold stone and cinnabon. There are many clubs to choose from. One of my favorites is New Planet. 1000yen to get in and all you can drink from 7pm to 11pm, without the drinks tasting watered down. For all you gamers out there there is also the Konami building. Standing in front of a statue of Godzilla that lights up at night. Some clubs will make you have a drink in your hands at all times. There are also people outside asking you to go to their shady clubs, that's the downfall. Day time, I can't really comment on that.
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8 years ago
Good for art, bad for nightlife
I like Roppongi in the day time. I like visiting to see art, or to catch a movie at Roppongi Hills TOHO Cinema. I come to Roppongi when I feel like eating British style fish and chips, or when I want to spend a little money on an expensive and high quality gift for somebody. But, I don't come here at night (anymore). I don't like the nightlife, the crowds, and the crime here after dark. Roppongi does have a reputation for being a place to go for drinks, but I would take Shibuya over Roppongi any day.
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