Blue Note Tokyo

Have a taste of the thrilling music scene in Tokyo with first-class performances by artists in Japan and overseas

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Top-caliber artists centering around jazz perform on stage within the relaxing environment of Blue Note Tokyo where you can also enjoy delicious dishes and cocktails.
Business Hours
Saturday ( 3:30 AM ~ 11:0 AM )
Sunday ( 3:30 AM ~ 11:0 AM )
Weekdays ( 5:0 AM ~ 12:0 PM )
Holidays ( 3:30 AM ~ 11:0 AM )

Monday-Friday 1st 5:30pm 2nd 8:00pm Weekends and holidays  1st 4:00pm 2nd 6:00pm (The above are reception times. For performance schedules, please check the homepage) [close] No scheduled holidays. Please check the official homepage.
Blue Note Tokyo Minamiaoyama, Minatoku, Tokyo
(03) 5485-0088

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Fully enjoy a swanky evening through first-class music and dining

Blue Note Tokyo, which came to life from its tie-up with the famous jazz club in New York and where you can enjoy New York-style dining and jazz, celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2018. Although it has its focus on jazz, the best artists representing a variety of genres such as R&B and soul come to Blue Note, so you can spend a luxurious evening at the club. Within its relaxed confines, you can enjoy the finest food and music. The menu has an emphasis on French cuisine but there are also plenty of light snacks and desserts to choose from. Also since there is a dinner course, you can celebrate that special occasion, and there are special cocktails in commemoration of the artist performing on that night. This is a nightclub where you can spend the best time as you closely experience music by famous musicians while enjoying food and drink.

How to enjoy Blue Note Tokyo

You can check out Blue Note Tokyo’s schedule on its homepage. When you find the artist that you like, make that reservation for tickets. There are reserved and free seating, but it’s best to get those reserved tickets for the especially popular musicians since they tend to sell out fast. Reservations are possible via phone or through the homepage, but please be aware that only tickets for free seating can be ordered by phone. Also, please note that through telephone reservations, the ticket price and the costs for food and drink are to be paid at Blue Note, but online reservations for tickets will require payment by credit card so that it’s more convenient to pay just the costs for food and drink when you arrive at the club. To make online reservations, it is necessary to register to become a member although registration is free. Ordering from the menu will stop 20 minutes after the performance has begun so coming early to the club will mean that you can leisurely enjoy your meal.

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