Sights in Shizuoka

Air Park (Japan Air Self-Defense Force Hamamatsu Public Information Building)

An interactive theme park that everyone of all ages can enjoy for free

Shimizu Sushi Museum

A theme park to eat and learn about sushi so that you can become an expert

Oigawa Railway

Board a nostalgic steam locomotive and enjoy the scenery along the Oi River


A reminder from Higashi-Izu of an early visit of spring

Grinpia Makinohara

One of Japan’s largest tea farms where you can wear old-fashioned uniforms to pick tea leaves

Jogasaki (Hashidate) Suspension Bridge

A thrilling 60m-long suspension bridge spanning soaring Pacific cliffs!

Old Amagi Tunnel

The stone tunnel made famous as the setting for Nobel Prize-winning author Yasunari Kawabata’s “The Dancing Girl of I...

Shuzen-ji Niji-no-Sato (Rainbow Village)

A theme park where different generations can enjoy features such as the SL train which is popular with the kids again...

Shuzen-ji Onsen

The very famous onsen village that has been called the Little Kyoto of Izu which boasts a history of over 1200 years

Hie Shrine

Popular as a power spot, giant trees such as the Kodakara-no-Sugi thrive

Joren-no-Taki Waterfall

A famous waterfall representing Izu which has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 Great Waterfalls

MOA Museum of Art

Valuable art works centering upon East Asian art from countries such as Japan and China are on display

Shuzen-ji Temple

An ancient temple associated with Yoriie Minamoto which gave rise to the name for Shuzen-ji Onsen


A sutra library donated to Shuzen-ji Temple by Masako Hojo, the mother of Yoriie Minamoto, who had been assassinated....

Shuzen-ji Temple, Okunoin

The place of practice for Kobo Daishi, it is also a power spot for those in the know

Ryugukutsu Cave

The heart-shaped hole at the top is mysterious! A sea cave created by nature

Toji Sand Ski Area

Slide down a sloping 30-degree sand beach at this thrilling attraction!

Perry Road

A road named after Commodore Perry who triggered the opening of Japan

Nesugatayama Nature Park

Admire the spectacular view of the ocean and mountains from the observation point! Also popular as a power spot for l...

Shimoda Onsen

A plentiful hot spring resort in a seaside city where you can fully enjoy marine leisure activities